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GF Events Center Commission



Grand Forks Events Center Commission

Monthly Meeting


Wednesday, May 24, 2017 | 7:30 a.m.

#12 Meadowlark Room - Alerus Center





Brian Faison



Hal Gershman



Jay Kleven



Curt Kreun



Pat McLean



Julie Rygg



Ken Vein



Matt Walkowiak


  1. Call to Order


  2. Roll Call


  3. Consent Agenda

    a.   Approval of Minutes of April 26th and May 16, 2017.



  4. Management Discussion


  5. Vote on Event Center Commission Officers


  6. Approval of April Financials


  7. Committee Reports

    a.    Finance/Renovation Committee – Julie Rygg,Curt Kreun, Pat McLean, Jay Kleven, Matt Walkowiak,
           Maureen Storstad, and Ken Vein

     b    Convention & Visitors Bureau – Julie Rygg.  



  8. Capital Projects Review


  9. Other


  10. Adjournment


 To download packet click here.


Alerus Center Mission Statement

The mission of the Alerus Center is to provide premier entertainment and events that

stimulate economic impact and improve the quality of life for Grand Forks area citizens.


Events Center Commission Mission Statement

The mission of the Events Center Commission (also known as Alerus Center Commission)

is to provide leadership that enables the Alerus Center to be beneficial to the regional economy, responsive to patrons, and accountable to Grand Forks taxpayers.



   Upcoming Meeting Dates


                                                        2017            June 28                    July 26

                            August 23               September 27



Alerus Center Commission

Julie Rygg, Chair

Public at Large

(701) 746-0444

1st Term: 4/18/2011 to 11/30/2013 (partial)

2nd Term: 12/1/2014 to 11/30/2017 (full)

Jay Kleven

Public at Large

(701) 740-4747

1st Term: 8/1/2016 to 8/1/2019 (full)

Curt Kreun, Vice Chair

Public at Large

(701) 741-2612

1st Term: 12/1/2015 to 11/30/2018 (full)

Hal Gershman

Public at Large

(701) 780-0902


1st Term: 3/1/2015 to 2/28/2018 (full)

Pat McLean, Secretary

Public at Large

(701) 740-8405

1st Term: 12/1/2015 to 11/30/2018 (full)

Ken Vein

City Council Representative

(701) 772-3673

1st Term: 7/21/2014 to 7/30/2016 (partial)

2nd Term: 7/18/2016 to 8/1/2019 (full)

Brian Faison (non-voting)

UND Representative

(701) 777-2794

1st Term: 12/1/2012 to 11/30/2014 (partial)

2nd Term: 2/2/2015 to 11/30/2017 (full)

Matt Walkowiak

Public at Large

(701) 610-9620

1st Term: 9/19/2016 to 9/19/2019 (full)


Alerus Center Management

(701) 792-1200

Darryl Jorgenson

Finance Director

Brenna Grossbauer

Human Resources Director

Tiffany Vickaryous

Food & Beverage Director

Lance Johnson

Marketing Director

Jeff VanGrinsvan

Event and Security Director

Bubba Rockstad

Facilities Operations Director

Terry Anderson

Sales Director







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