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Civil Service Commission

  • Type:Volunteer
  • Salary/Pay Rate:Volunteer
  • Posted Date:09/29/2017 4:30 PM

Civil Service Commission Ad


This position is a member of the Civil Service Commission appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council for a term of 3 years.  The Commission meets the second Thursday of every month at 3:30 PM in the City Council Chambers located at City Hall.

The Civil Service Commission represents the public and city interests related to personnel.  The Civil Service Commission establishes tests, examinations and evaluations for the evaluation of applicants for the classified service.

The Civil Service Commission will have the following openings:


(1) member generally associated with the occupations of professions of personnel management, human resources, or employment regulatory compliance, having practiced within the profession for at least (5) years.


All members must be residents of the City of Grand Forks or employed within the City of Grand Forks and shall not be a city employee, officer, or official.


Members are compensated according to the following schedule below for each meeting attended plus actual expenses, but total compensation shall not exceed one thousand two hundred dollars ($1,200) per year:

Any meeting that is four (4) hours or less: Twenty dollars ($20.00)

Any meeting that exceeds four (4) hours: Sixty dollars ($60.00)


Application Process:

Please submit a letter telling us why you wish to serve on the Civil Service Commission and what skills you bring to support the continuing work of the Commission, along with a resume.  For additional information regarding this position please contact the Human Resources Department at 701-746-2662.


 To apply online click here

Gretchen Guetter, PHR
Human Resource Generalist, Senior
City of Grand Forks
Phone: (701) 746-2662


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1. Purpose

There shall be and is hereby created a Board of Appeals consisting of six (6) individuals, who are qualified by experience and training to pass judgment upon matters pertaining to building construction. The Building Official shall be a non-voting, ex-officio member and shall act as Secretary to the Board. The Board of Appeals shall be appointed by the City Council and shall hold meetings as required. The Board may adopt reasonable rules and regulations for conducting activities and investigations. The Board may adopt reasonable rules and regulations for conducting activities and investigations. The Board shall render all decisions and findings in writing with a copy provided to the appellant.

2. Responsibilities

  1. To review, on appeal by the applicant, all requests for exception under this Code which have been reviewed and denied by the Building Official;

  2. To grant exceptions to the requirements of the International Building Code for the repair, rehabilitation or change of occupancy of existing buildings where the planned repairs, rehabilitation or change of occupancy would not otherwise comply with the provisions of the Code. No exception shall be authorized hereunder unless the Board of Appeals finds the following conditions existing: 1. The building was constructed more than twenty-five (25) years before the adoption of the present Code. 2. The Board finds, upon completion of the proposed repair, rehabilitation or change of occupancy will not diminish the safety and welfare of the occupants.

  3. To monitor and evaluate on an ongoing basis, the effectiveness and application of the provisions of Codes and any rules, regulations, or procedures promulgated thereunder to determine their impact on the rehabilitation of existing buildings. Pursuant to this responsibility, the Board of Appeals shall gather information, conduct studies, and make appropriate reports and recommendations related to the application of these provisions, the decisions of the appellate body, and the experience of other jurisdictions.

  4. To adopt guidelines to be used by the Building Official in determining compliance with this chapter.

  5. To recommend to the City Council guidelines to be adopted by the City Council to expand this Code

3. Members

  • Todd Blixt

  • Brian Carlson

  • James Glick

  • Bob Klave
  • Scott Meland
  • Gene Youngdahl


Bev Collings, 746-2631