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2019 Flood Fight

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2019 Flood Fight - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does the City of Grand Forks have flood protection?

  • Is the Kennedy Bridge open?

  • Is the Point Bridge open?

  • Is the Sorlie Bridge downtown open?

  • What is the current river level in Grand Forks?

  • What roads are closed in GF County due to flooding?

  • Where can I get sandbags?

  • Who will clean my rural road of packed snow?

2019 Flood Fight - News Releases

Spring Flood Situation Report #3

Post Date:04/06/2019


Spring Flooding – Situation Report #3

Subject:  2019-GF-008: Spring Flooding Situation Report #3

Reporting Period:  04/01/2019 – 04/05/2019

Emergency Management

Agency Summary

  • Attended city and county standing flood fight meetings
  • Responded to citizen inquiries about sand and sandbags
  • Led weekly conference call with County Rural Responders
  • Attended daily conference call with the National Weather Service
  • Began formalizing the Volunteer Action Plan



    Grand Forks Highway Dept

       Agency Summary


  • Excavate ditches reported by citizens causing water back up
  • Continued to track dispersal of sandbags to citizens


    Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office

       Agency Summary


  • Deputies continue to patrol areas along the Turtle, Red and Grand Marais and monitor rising waters.
  • Informing GF County Highway Department of water on roadways where they have not marked yet.
  • Increasing public awareness via social media.
  • Began door to door campaign in designated townships that are historically effected by potential runoff and rising waters
  • Responding to several media requests for information and issuing press releases.
  • Secured fire truck for East Lake Drive area
  • Confirmed Thompson Fire is willing to operate truck.
  • Attend County Commission meeting, flood meeting.
  • Consult with Regional UAS team reference flying specific areas of interest in the next week or so.
  • Brief all GFSO Deputies on water op procedures, train with and issue rescue throw bags.




    City of Grand Forks Public Works

       Agency Summary



  • Sandbags for City Public Works Operations/Contingency Supply

    Total 7,000 Bags in Storage for City Use – Public Works Facility Sanitation Shop


  • 8-arm Sandbag Machine readied for operation, available
  • (2) 4-bag machines ready for operation, available
  • Flood Wall Closure Preparations – Street Division
    • Telehandler rental unit reserved
    • Flood Wall Closure Items, Procedure Review, Cross-Training of Staff ongoing
  • Stormwater flow and drainage – assistance with Storm Drains by Streets Division
  • North/South End Walk Bridge Rail Removal Coordination with EGF Public Works

City of Grand Forks Water Division

Agency Summary


Water Valves

  • Riverside Park water is off in the meter pit on the dry side
  • St. Annes water is off at both flood wall crossings and hydrants have out of service tags on them
  • Community green water fountain is off in the meter pit on the dry side
  • EGF interconnect is off at gate valve on wet and dry side
  • Park District irrigation line on 47th Ave S has been shut down by Kingswalk golf course staff.


Stormwater/Flood Protection  

  • Set pumps at Flood stations 203, 204, and 207. 
  • Exercised discharge gates at 201.  Removed ice from inlet gates and opened.
  • Removed snow and ice from 17th Ave S. and 69 St. gate.  It was also worked.
  • Inspected coulee diversion flap gates.
  • Installed and tested 30 inch plug for Shady Ridge.
  • Monitor Swale at Subeam, water begins to back up – there a flap gate here
  • Continued to thaw CBs as required.



  • Work with the Info Center to share the same messages to user groups
  • Lincoln Drive Park closed today
  • Riverside Park will close Monday when the closure structure is put into place by Street Department
  • Trails that are under water are closed off with barricades



           Monitor rural manholes & place sandbags

                        Monitored drainage west of Wal-Mart and also Adams Drive area

                        Staff assisted with week-end flood prep work and monitoring



Public Information

Agency Summary


  • The flood fight website www.grandforksgov.com/flood had another 5000 views this week.  Since the website was launched, the page has had nearly 14,000 views.
  • Continue to work with County Highway to update the road closure map for Grand Forks County on the website.  The road closure map has had nearly 1,500 page views this past week alone.
  • Attended flood fight meetings for both Grand Forks City and Grand Forks County
  • Only had one media request this week regarding flood preparation.

City of Grand Forks Police Dept

Agency Summary


·        Attended applicable flood meetings

·        Continued to refine GFPD Flood Operations Plans

·        Coordinate with Chief Lorenz and UAS Operations for initiation of flights based on updated river levels.

·        Communicated current operational picture and anticipated future operations to all departmental personnel.


Grand Forks Fire Dept

Agency Summary

  • Met with command staff to identify current planning priorities including equipment status.
  • Coordinated with GFPD and Northern Plains to finalize UAS Operational Plan
  • Emergency operations during the flood event coordination ongoing
  • Unified Command Staff coordination ongoing

Grand Forks PSAP/911 Center

Agency Summary

  • Attended city and county flood preparation meetings
  • The PSAP Admin Team worked through a call-processing  plan (including CAD entry, as well as dispatching examples). Below is an overview of what is expected for each area, and attached is a print outwith detailed information.  

-          Flood Preparation  

o   Includes calls for sandbags, county roads with water over them

o   All calls will be entered into CAD for easy tracking

o   Sandbags can be referred, and roadways should be checked out by a deputy for safety factors


-          Flood Response

o   Includes calls where responders are needed: water surrounding a house or vehicle, bridge or culvert collapsed, similar flood situations

o   All calls will be entered into CAD, and responders will be suggested – Two Officers, One Fire Engine/Station, One EMS rig

o   The response recommendations can be upgraded/downgraded by Dispatch or Responders depending on the nature of the situation

-          Evacuations – use of CodeRed

o   If there is a need to evacuate areas in the county/city, this is where CodeRed would come into play

§  Saved Flood Zones/Areas – ShadyRidge Ct area; Mekinock (areas along the Turtle River), Ashley Ln, Shelby Ln (both near The Country club area), East Lake Dr (south of GF along the river), and North of Manvel on the Turtle River

·         The above zones are saved as an audience to be selected, followed by creating a message

§  If other areas are requested, this would be the case of drawing the area requested on the map by Field Units on Scene


Altru Health Systems

Agency Summary


  • Altru Flood Task Force meeting held, Wednesday, April 3rd.No changes at this time.
  • Altru Flood Task Force will continue to monitor updates / reports from NOAA Grand Forks, and our community partners.
  • Home Health / Hospice Supplies & Durable Medical Equipment have been staged at the Altru East Grand Forks Clinic.


    UND Emergency Management

       Agency Summary



  • Attended city flood task force meeting.
  • Continue to post updates in the flood blog (http://blogs.und.edu/flood/) with links to resources and information for staff, students, and families. 
  • Closely monitoring English Coulee levels.
  • Secured storage space for Red Cross to store extra supplies.


Planning Section


Upcoming Weekly Weather

  • Warming temperatures and rain will promote increased snow melt runoff, overland flow, and potential ice jam flooding this weekend and into early next week. 


  • Rising river levels for all streams/rivers from Fargo-Moorhead and north.


  • Return to sub-freezing overnight lows is expected by the middle of next week. 
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