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2019 Flood Fight

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2019 Flood Fight - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does the City of Grand Forks have flood protection?

  • Is the Kennedy Bridge open?

  • Is the Point Bridge open?

  • Is the Sorlie Bridge downtown open?

  • What is the current river level in Grand Forks?

  • What roads are closed in GF County due to flooding?

  • Where can I get sandbags?

  • Who will clean my rural road of packed snow?

2019 Flood Fight - News Releases

Spring Flooding Situation Update - Report #4

Post Date:04/15/2019


Spring Flooding – Situation Report #4

Subject:  2019-GF-008: Spring Flooding Situation Report #4

Reporting Period:  04/08/2019 – 04/12/2019

Emergency Management

Agency Summary

  • Attended city and county standing flood fight meetings – the city will discontinue meetings effective 15 APR 2019
  • Led weekly conference call with County Rural Responders
  • Attended daily conference call with the National Weather Service
  • Attended URRV COAD (Upper Red River Valley Community Organizations Active in Disaster) meeting to discuss response and recovery


Grand Forks Highway Dept

Agency Summary

  • Plowed paved roads after the recent snowfall
  • Sandbag distribution has stopped

Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office

Agency Summary

  • Deputies continue to patrol areas along the Turtle, Red and Grand Marais and monitor rising waters.
  • Coordinated with GF County Highway Department for water on roadways.
  • Increasing public awareness via social media.
  • Responding to media requests for information and issuing press releases.
  • Attended County Flood Planning meeting.
  • Coordinated with CBP for overflight with County Engineer.

City of Grand Forks Water Division

Agency Summary


Water Valves

  • Riverside Park – wet and dry side valves closed
  • Lincoln Park warming house and dog park line shut down 08 APR
  • Community green – wet and dry side valve closed
  • Elks Dr 6” water main shut down on wet and dry side 08 APR


Stormwater/Flood Protection  

  • Worked throughout the weekend activating pump stations and monitoring
  • Commenced 24 hour monitoring
  • Activated Pump Stations 208, 204, 201, 203, 210, 202, 206, 209, 207, 205
  • Sluice gates open and flap gates holding at the following Gated Outlets: J6, J1, J2, J4
  • Monitor Gated Outlet H7 – Merrifield Road and Belmont
  • Worked on the telemetry on PS 204 – high water alarms


  • Trails that are under water are closed off with barricades
  • Greenway is open but have cautioned residents of hazards with cold, fast moving water
  • Identifying areas for clean up
  • Reviewing contract for cleaning up Riverside pool



           Staff assisted with weekend flood prep work and 24 hour monitoring of flood protection system


Wastewater Treatment

  • Removed the electrical connection to the Outlet Structure/Sampling location
  • Staff worked with Nodak, monitoring the structure if over 40’; at 45.4’ there is 19” until it hits the floor
  • Monitored EGF on wastewater discharge to the City of Grand Forks


Public Information

Agency Summary


  • The flood fight website www.grandforksgov.com/flood had 17,000 views this week.  Social Media has had a huge impact for communications during this year’s event. We have had 15 different posts on the City of Grand Forks Facebook page that had a reach of 613,919 people.
  • Attended flood fight meetings for both Grand Forks City and Grand Forks County
  • Conducted several interviews over the past week regarding flooding. 7 different agencies made media requests, 2 of them from Winnipeg.

City of Grand Forks Police Dept

Agency Summary


·        Attended applicable flood meetings

·        Completed additional credentialing for UAS personnel

·        Scheduled a meeting with city IT to refine the data management plan for UAS imagery

  • Educated citizens about the dangers of entering flooded areas
  • Provided information on fines from operating motor vehicles on levees
  • Initiated the Shady Ridge response plan as a result of north/south access flooding
  • Enhanced patrols of key flood control infrastructure

·        Monitored traffic patterns resulting from bridge closures

Grand Forks Fire Dept

Agency Summary

  • Fire engine and accessory vehicle with equipment is staged on the wet side of the Shadyridge area.
  • Fire crews crossing the water on the Shadyridge loop road twice daily to verify water elevations
  • Have identified locations for accessing the river corridor with boats during different water elevations.
  • Continual coordination with Chief Nelson, UND Aerospace, and Norther Plains regarding UAS operations during the flood event.
  • Google Drive site established and link distributed to view UAS photos and videos
  • Attended scheduled flood planning meetings


Grand Forks PSAP/911 Center

Agency Summary

  • Attended city and county flood preparation meetings
  • The PSAP Admin Team monitored the new  call-processing plan for flood related calls



Altru Health Systems

Agency Summary


  • Altru Flood Task Force meeting held, Wednesday, April 10th
  • Altru Flood Task Force will continue to monitor updates / reports from NOAA Grand Forks, and our community partners.
  • Home Health / Hospice Supplies & Durable Medical Equipment have been staged at the Altru East Grand Forks Clinic.
  • Altru Ambulance Services began staging an ambulance and crew at the EGF Fire Station 1 between the hours 0700-1900 on 09 APR and until further notice. The hours and call volume will be monitored by the Ambulance Services Supervisor and adjusted accordingly to meet community needs.


    UND Emergency Management

       Agency Summary



  • Attended city flood task force meeting.
  • Continue to post updates in the flood blog (http://blogs.und.edu/flood/) with links to resources and information for staff, students, and families. 
  • Closely monitoring English Coulee levels.


Planning Section


Upcoming Weekly Weather

•Rising river levels continue on the Red River north of Oslo.

•Overland flooding continues for many areas near Red River.

•Southern basin rivers/streams will start to see secondary crests around mid next week due to melting of recent snowfall.

•Additional light precipitation tonight and possibly mid to late next week.
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