The entire Grand Forks City Code can be found online at  Click Here for a direct link to the Grand Forks City Code.  The online version of the GF City Code is updated annually.

Below you will find a list of the recently updated ordinances:
Recently Adopted Ordinances
Ord. 4586- Amending Section 18-0204(2) of GF City Code-Land Development Code
Ord. 4587- Repealing Section 8-0409 of GF City Code as it relates to the prohibition of panhandling on median strips of roadways
Ord. 4588- Amending of the Comprehensive Plan Chapter XVIII-Elements of the GF City Code of 1987. GF/EGF Land Use Plan Update.
Ord. 4589- To amend the GF city code relating to adoption of International Building Code/International Residential Code
Ord. 4590- Amending the GF City Code relating to the adoption of the International Mechanical and International Fuel Gas Code
Ord. 4591- Amendment to the GF City Code relating to the adoption of the International Fire Code
Ord. 4593- Amending sections of the Grand Forks city code relating to early childhood services, family child care homes, group child care homes and child care facilities.
Ord. 4597- Repealing/Adopting Sections of Article 7, Chapter 10 of the GF City Code Relating to Tall Grass and Weeds
Ord. 4598- Amend Street and HWY plan to include public ROW as it relates to the plat of Prairiewood 4th Addn
Ord. 4600- To temporarily suspend provisions of GF city code as it relates to financing for improvements
Ord. 4601- amend city code relating to payment schedule on special assessments and also relating to special assessment proceeds