The entire Grand Forks City Code can be found online at  Click Here for a direct link to the Grand Forks City Code.  The online version of the GF City Code is updated annually.

Below you will find a list of the recently updated ordinances:
Recently Adopted Ordinances
Ord. 4655- Amendment of Street/Hwy Plan Include in Public ROW Plat of Crary's Eighth Resubdiv. to the City of Grand Forks
Ord. 4656- Amending Chapter XVIII, Land Development Code; Article 2, Zoning Regulations; Section 18-0211
Ord. 4657- Amend zoning map to include in Crary's 2nd PUD all of the following Crary's 1st & 7th addn; 3, 5, 6, 8 resub; Prairiewood 2-4 addn; unplatted outside limits S Wash, Belmont, 55th Ave S, 62nd Ave S
Ord. 4658- Amend section 8-0811 City Owned or Operated Parking Lots
Ord. 4659- Ordinance amending Section 8-0812 of the Grand Forks City Code relating to parking in excess of 24 hours
Ord. 4660- Amending section 13-0202 as it relates to North Dakota requirements for food and beverage establishments
Ord. 4661- Permitted uses for medical marijuana compassion centers
Ord. 4662- R-3 and R-4 Multi-Family Signs
Ord. 4663- Amend street and hwy plan to include public row as dedicated on plat of Gornowicz resub to city of Grand Forks
Ord. 4664- Annex lands platted as Gornwowicz resub
Ord. 4665- Amending Section 18-0204 Rules and Definitions as it Relates to Murals Amending Section 18-0301 Signs of the Grand Forks City Code
Ord. 4666- Amend Street and Hwy Plan to include the Public ROW -Crary's 9th Addn Plat
Ord. 4667- as it relates to exclusion and inclusion of Crary's 2nd PUD Amendment #5 and #6
Ord. 4668- as it relates to the annexation of Crary's 9th Addn
Ord. 4669- Amend Street and Hwy Plan to include in the Public ROW as it relates to Plat of Veterans Memorial Park Resub
Ord. 4670- Amend Street & Hwy Plan to include in Public ROW as it relates to the Cooperative Power Resub Plat
Ord. 4671- an adoption of article 10 of Chapter XXI of GF City Code as it relates to licensing and regulating bike share operators
Ord. 4672- Amending Street and Hwy Plan to include ROW Plat of Kingsview 7th Resub to City of Grand Forks
Ord. 4673- Repeal of section 8-1304 as it relates to prohibited areas of operation- UTV
Ord. 4674- Annex Lands Platted as Korynta 2nd addn ...