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In his 2012 State of the City address, Grand Forks Mayor Michael Brown called for the formation of a “Blue Ribbon Commission on Housing” to 

    1.  Develop a snapshot of the current housing situation in Grand Forks;
    2.  Develop community priorities to bolster local housing opportunities; and
    3.  Develop strategies to achieve those priorities.

That fall, representatives of a cross section of local housing interests met over a four-month period.  Their final report (Grand Forks' Blue Ribbon Housing Commission) included short-, medium- and long-term recommendations.  One of those recommendations was to ". . . collect and disseminate basic housing market information ‘dashboard’ on a regular basis for the benefit of housing stakeholders and the community at large.  Focus on median home prices, the median-multiple affordability metric, rental market vacancy rates, the share of households overpaying for housing, sales tax trend data, and basic employment trends.”   This Housing Dashboard is the implementation of that recommendation.


Blue Ribbon Housing Commission Final Report (pdf)





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