Fight the Menace

How does the Grease Menace get into your sewer?
When you put cooking waste, like grease, oil, and food scraps down the drain, it clings to the sides of your sewer pipes. This GREASE MENACE clogs your pipes and causes sewer back-ups.

Grease is a menace to your sewer line. Never pour grease down the drain. Here’s why:
It clogs your sewer line, resulting in an expensive visit from the plumber.
It plugs city sewer lines and makes it harder to treat waste water. The cost of cleaning and repairs leads to higher sewer rates for you.
It causes sewer back-ups which are hazardous to your health and harm the environment.

1. Pour grease from cooking into a can, let it cool, and throw it in the trash.
2. Throw food waste into the trash; not down the drain.
3. Use sewer cleaning chemicals carefully and sparingly! Proper care of your home sewer will decrease the need for chemicals.
4. If you are a food establishment, you must clean your grease traps and interceptors regularly.

Menace characters and artwork courtesy of the City of Bismarck

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