Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program

What is stormwater runoff?
As storm water flows over driveways, lawns, and sidewalks, it picks up debris, chemical, dirt and other pollutants. Anything that enters a storm drain enters water bodies that we use for fishing, swimming, and providing drinking water. Polluted runoff is the nation’s greatest threat to clean water. Storm Water and the Community is explained by viewing this poster.

How does the City protect our water resources?
The Clean Water Act requires urban areas greater than 50,000 in population with separated storm sewer systems to be covered by National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits to discharge storm water to waters of the state. The Grand Forks/East Grand Forks urbanized area was covered under these Phase II Regulations. A permit was issued in July 2009.

The goals of the permit are to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of waters of the state through management and treatment of urban storm water runoff. The purpose is to maintain water quality standards where there is compliance, and help bring waters that do not meet water quality standards into attainment.

One requirement of the permit is to submit an annual report to the North Dakota Department of Health, Click here for the 2009 Annual Report for the City of Grand Forks, ND. The 2010 report will be available in April of 2011, once it is compiled and submitted to the North Dakota Department of Health.

Stormwater Activity Guide

How can you help?
Learn about the Storm Drain Awareness Program or Volunteer to mark storm water drains in our community
Create your own Rain Barrel and collect rain water to water your plants and gardens at your residence or place of business
Practice Best Management Practices (BMP’s) at your home and place of business
Request an Environmental Educational Session provided by one of the staff for your class

City of Grand Forks
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