Grand Forks Public Health Department

Thursday, July 15, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. by Don Shields.

Those Members Present: Don Shields, Kate Kenna, John Packett, Julie Anderson, Peter O’Neill, Tara Dupper, Leland Lipp, John Clayburgh, and Mayor Michael Brown. Others present: Sharon Erickson (Northwood Community Health Center), Ed Christ (GF County Social Services), Pete Haga (Mayor’s office), Debbie Swanson, Alyssa Eckroth, and Keith Westerfield (all three with Public Health).


1. Review and Approval of Minutes of April 15, 2010 Meeting:
Minutes were motioned and approved with no changes.

2. Grand Forks “Detox” Community Facility Initiative Update: Kate Kenna, Northeast Human Service Center (NEHSC) gave the latest update.

- Biggest stumbling block currently is that Grand Forks does not seem to have the number of people that need, or would benefit from a detox center. But, Kate believes if they build it, people would come. They are looking at the number of people who have used Altru for detox last year, but Altru also has served Minnesota people, and Kate doubts if North Dakota taxpayers will want to pay for Minnesota people to use a Grand Forks detox center. Minnesota has a system in place where every county has an agreement with someone to do detox (example, for Polk County it is Glenmore).

- Kate said they have struggled with numbers, but she has an RFP they have developed and ready to go, but would like to have commitments from other major agencies on what they would be willing to fund, so she would have a ballpark idea of what their budget would look like, since her budget is due on 26 July. Altru, North East Human Service Center (NEHSC), County and City officials are having a meeting this afternoon on the subject. There is no money in the 2011 City budget, with the City General Fund already decided, but there may be other pots of money available elsewhere. The County would contribute by way of facility space. Altru is willing to come to the table with approximately 75,000 dollars, along with 75,000 dollars that NEHSC could contribute. There are other agencies that may help contribute based on usage.

- Another stumbling block with Altru is they see that the city of Fargo pays for detox, but in Grand Forks it is a hospital function. Other cities, such as Minot and Devils Lake, use their jails for detox. Also, Moorhead has a detox program where Minnesota residents are taken for treatment.


1. Community Health Centers: Sharon E. gave a presentation (see attachment) on the impact of Family HealthCare/Community Health Centers.

- Fargo’s Community Health Center is the oldest in North Dakota. Valley Community Center has two medical clinics, but they are rural, in Northwood and Larimore; plus the Dental clinic in Grand Forks.

- Increasing diversity in Fargo/Moorhead: there are 50 languages spoken at their Family Health Center.

Mayor’s Health and Human Services Grand Forks Cabinet Minutes
July 15, 2010
Page 2

- Concerning underemployment: North Dakota has highest percentage of people with two jobs (11%), followed by Minnesota.

- Culturally relevant health services: People from different cultures (such as African) may be different than those of, say, Norwegian descent, about taking medicine.

- Access to mental health services: Rural health primary and urgent care, plus behavioral health are absolute fundamental to being a good community health center (required to provide these services).

- The Family HealthCare Center is highly accountable, with each of the health centers having made at least five major reports to the federal government, and they are benchmarked against community health centers everywhere in the country. The Family HealthCare Center has been recognized nationally several times for their quality of care provided to patients, along with rural Valley Community Health Clinics in ND.

- The Grand Forks Valley Community Health Dental Clinic served 2,900 people (48% under 16 years old), from June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010. They routinely see patients mostly from Grand Forks, but also from East Grand Forks, and Crookston. The kids are coming in with 5-6 cavities. Their goal has been to serve more children than adults, because you can do a better job of teaching prevention with children. The dental clinic is currently unable to see new patients since they are full to capacity treating current patients, and New Americans, and they also have a contract to service the inmates at the jail.

- Discussions: The Third Street Clinic has been really important to healthcare in the community. Expanding the clinic is a potential step, but funding is a big concern. Further discussion will be beneficial for figuring out the possibility of a community healthcare center in Grand Forks. Some people have no options and this is where a healthcare center would be beneficial. There are only 1600 healthcare centers in the nation. There is still stimulus dollars available that could be used towards a center, but unsure how long stimulus dollars will be available. The Mayor’s Cabinet will form a working group to look into this issue.

2. Member Update:

Peter O. – Congrats to Debbie S., and appreciation for the efforts of the ones who helped with the Smoke-Free Ordinance.

Julie A. – Enrollment is very strong at the university. They are currently conducting a nationwide search to fill the position of Vice President for Student Affairs, and hope to have the individual in place by January 2011.

Leland L. – The residential facility for young adults with Autism is currently under construction, and hoping to open the doors October this year. Starting capacity for the facility will be for six individuals. A presentation on this new facility is schedule for the October meeting.

Debbie S. – Have ten people registered so far for the Community Interpreter Training session in August.

Mayor’s Health and Human Services Grand Forks Cabinet Minutes
July 15, 2010
Page 3


V. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

VI. NEXT MEETING: Thursday, October 21, 2010
12:00 noon – 1:30 p.m.
(Lunch will be provided by Altru Health System)
Altru Hospital (Lower Level, Multi-Media/Board Room)

- Community Health Centers – Family HealthCare Center Impact slides