Grand Forks Public Health Department


Thursday, July 21, 2011

I. Call Meeting to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:15 p.m. by Don Shields.

Members Present: Keith Berger, John Packett, Jon Green, Tara Dupper, Kate Kenna, Pat Berger, Craig Knudsvig, Gretchen Graf, Leland Lipp, Colonel Jane Denton, Mark Lambrecht, Corey Mock, Dr. James Hargreaves, and Donald Shields. Others present: Dave Molmen (Chief Executive Officer at Altru); Shawn McBride, and Keith Westerfield (both from Public Health).

II. Old Business

A. Review and Approval of Minutes of April 21, 2011, Meeting: A motion was made and seconded to approve the April 2011 minutes as submitted. All approved and the motion passed.

B. Grand Forks “Detox” Community Facility Initiative Update: Kate K. gave the latest update.

· The detox committee has continued their meetings since the last update. There are a core group of people on the committee that are really dedicated to the idea that social detox is needed in our community.

· The committee decided that the old county jail is not a good site for social detox. They had architects look at the building, and the amount of remodeling it would require to bring it into compliance cannot be justified.

· Douglas Place is an organization in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, interested in providing social detox for Grand Forks, and has space for 20 individuals. The committee is looking into a way to utilize Douglas Place’s program and space. There are some barriers being worked on, such as the organization being in a different state.

· Medical detox is an area that the committee feels they should not get into or provide. Altru has been an active part of the committee, and they see medical detox as being their role.

C. Alliance for Healthcare Access Update: Don S. gave an update on the working group meetings on healthcare access.

· The community dental clinic committee had similar discussions on whether the dental clinic would ever be a reality, and look where they are now in the community. The dental clinic is booked solid for three weeks out. A number of agencies formed the alliance to look at ultimately having a clinic in the community for individuals who do not have health insurance. The committee is asking itself, “What will it take to get to that point?”

· Having a community clinic would relieve some of the burden from Altru. The most expensive health care is when the emergency room is used. People without insurance usually do not seek care until they are at a very acute point. The alliance has applied for funding under the Northwood Community Health Clinic, and could get an answer as soon as August.

· Cory M. – There was an executive committee meeting, but no major decisions were made. The spending authority was transferred from the alliance to the executive committee. The committee is looking to hire someone to help facilitate the committee. That person would build community support, gauge support with other organizations, and work on planning and logistics. If federal funding is received, the organization would be required to start seeing patients in a clinic within 120 days after receipt of the funding. That is another important reason to get someone onboard now, so that if assistance is received, then the committee is ready with a board of directors, staff, facility, equipment, etc. If a check comes in the mail, the countdown begins.

III. New Business

A. Presentation – Altru “Mayo Affiliation: The Road Ahead”: Dave Molmen, CEO of Altru, gave a presentation on Altru’s new relationship with the Mayo Clinic, how it came to be, and what it will be like in the future.

· Altru’s affiliation with the Mayo Clinic is new, but the relationship is not a new one. Altru Health System and its predecessor organizations have worked closely with the Mayo Clinic for over 50 years. This current affiliation has been talked about behind the scenes for the last two years.

· The Mayo Clinic is the most prestigious medical institute in the world. Initial talks with the clinic began about four years ago, when Altru was taking a look at everything it was doing. Since that time, Altru has looked at itself from top to bottom, and tried to become a better community organization. Altru needed to start from the bottom up, and imagine what a responsive, capable, high-quality health system would look like for our community. In the last four years, Altru has become a different place with a different attitude on what it needs to be for the community, what it can be as a partner for other organizations, and what services it can do for the community.

· Senior leadership at Altru was having a conversation on the continuum of care, when a few things were apparent to them. Ninety-five percent of what is required for medical services in the community could be provided by Altru Health System, and a combination of various area community partners. However, not all services could be provided. That other five percent of services that Altru is unable to provide, is someone else’s 95 percent. Altru recognized the
need for a greater degree of integration and services for the patients who required travel outside the community for medical treatment. Those are often the most vulnerable, critically ill patients. This would require a relationship with another organization. If there is a lack of coordination or connection of care, grave things can happen quickly.

· Altru has a long association with the Mayo Clinic, which represents quality, expertise, and a level of sub-specialization that fits so well as a compliment with what Altru offers. The Mayo Clinic currently touches the lives of 20 million people world-wide, but their goal for the future is to touch 200 million lives globally. For the Mayo Clinic to accomplish that lofty goal, it is going to have to be done through partnership. Altru was selected as the first, and so far, only known affiliate of the Mayo Clinic.

· Altru is currently test-piloting a couple of programs. One such program is called, “Ask a Mayo Expert.” This is a database of the Mayo Clinic’s ‘Best Agreed Upon Practices for Care of Certain Disease’ categories. This can be an assurance to the community, as Altru adopts more of these best practices from the Mayo Clinic. Another tool is ‘E-Consult,’ where opinions on alternatives for care can be done quickly, and takes less than two days. All information can be sent electronically, and at no cost to the patient. The patient benefits from not having to wait and worry, nor having the cost of travel. In the future, the Mayo Clinic wants to work with Altru on education, research, and eventually expand to opportunities for Mayo consultants to see patients at Altru.

· Altru has partnerships with other agencies in the community besides just medical, such as the YMCA and Grand Forks Park District. They are examples of where Altru understands that the real determinant of our health in the community is how we take care of ourselves. Altru encourages the efforts of the YMCA and Park District to create the facilities and programs for a healthier lifestyle. This is particularly helpful for our young people, who have lifestyle challenges in our modern society.

· The Mayo Clinic is the 18th most well-known brand in the world, and the number one Health Care brand in the world. They are also known as a world leader in services. Altru and the community get the best of two worlds. A partnership with a significant partner who has a high level of expertise; and the community has ownership of a medical facility. The Mayo Clinic is not financing Altru, nor making decisions for Altru. It is important that the decision-making be planted firmly in the soil of the community. The Mayo Clinic is not doing this for the money or for business; it just wants to offer better care for people. One value the Mayo Clinic has had for 100-plus years is that the needs of the patient come first.

B. Member Update:

· Pat B. – The United Way is two months away from the kickoff of their annual fundraiser, starting September 8th. Minot’s United Way has put information on their website on how people can help with the flood relief.

· Craig K. – More than a year ago, Grand Forks Housing took over property in a challenging neighborhood. Thanks to a grant from the state, funds from the United Way, and a partnership with Grand Forks School District, Grand Forks Housing is putting together an ‘After School’ program, starting in October. It will utilize the building located on the property they acquired.

Grand Forks Housing has established a contact in anticipation of housing inquiries from Minot. There have not been too many inquiries so far though. The Minot Housing office has seven employees with flooded homes.

Less than 45 elderly people in Grand Forks have asked for housing assistance this year. We know there are elderly folks out there who need assistance, and there has been a change in the type of housing they are asking for from a few years ago.

· Jon G. – Altru is booking one or more buses for their employees who are taking a day of vacation to go help out Minot residents with cleaning out their flooded homes.

· John P. – The social challenges will be immense with the Minot flooding, with half of the town’s residents coping with flooded homes, while the other half of town did not receive any flooding.

· Tara D. – Previously mentioned at the last Mayor’s meeting, New American Services (NAS) influx of families have been slow due to new security measures. They are making up for it now with new family arrivals, so the office has been busy. The first family arrived on June 20th, and seven more families have arrived since then.

NAS had a program monitoring inspection a couple of weeks ago from the Department of State. This monitoring is very complex and only done every five years, and NAS did well on their inspection.

· Col. Jane D. – The clinic at Grand Forks AFB currently has medical students from UND, but they want to open it up to nursing students also. The base clinic has finalized the Training Affiliation Agreement with UND’s School of Nursing, so now the base clinic will have both medical and nursing students.

The base received a new Wing Commander last week, Colonel Timothy Bush. He is very community oriented. In about ten days, there will be the Wing Unit Compliance Inspection.

· Cory M. – Thanked John P. for the presence of the Grand Forks Police in Minot. He also congratulated Dave M. and Jon G. on the announcement of Altru’s relationship with the Mayo Clinic. The Third Street Clinic is excited to see the Mayo Clinic have a more formal presence in the community.

IV. Other: None

V. Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m.

VI. Next Meeting: Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 12:00 noon
Altru Hospital (Lower level, Multi-media room) Conference Room
(Lunch will be provided by Altru Health System).