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Board of Health Minutes
July 14, 2011
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I. Call Meeting to Order

The Grand Forks Board of Health meeting was called to order at 4:17 p.m. on Thursday,
July 14, 2011, at the Public Health Department Conference Room. Members that were present:
Don Shields, Dana Sande, Judy DeMers, and Dr. James O’Connell. Others present: Timothy
Haak, Debbie Swanson, Theresa Knox, and Keith Westerfield (all from Grand Forks Public

II. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting, April 14, 2011

A motion was made and seconded to approve the April 2011 minutes as submitted. All approved and the motion passed.

III. Old Business

A. Grand Forks Alliance for Healthcare Access Update: Debbie S. gave an update on healthcare access (see Issue Listings attachment).

· The Alliance received $8,000 from the United Way to start the process of doing some
community planning, and capacity building for establishment of a community health center.
Valley Community Health Center is in the process of finding someone to do this work as a
contract employee. An executive committee was established for Alliance Healthcare Access,
and they will be meeting every three weeks. A metric was established to report to the
mayor. They used the United Way’s survey data that indicated 67 percent of community
stakeholders, and 32 percent of community members felt that their ability to find affordable
care was a serious problem. The Alliance is working to improve communication and
collaboration among all partners, and maybe find a single entry point for people to access

B. North Dakota Public Health 2011 State Legislative Issues Final Update: Don S. gave a final update, and handed out an information sheet on Legislative Issues, and House and Senate Bills (see attachment).

· There were bills passed for Public Health on immunizations, which changed the way we will
do business.

· Debbie S. - The contract with the University of North Dakota Practice Support and Public
Health ended July 1, 2011. Senate Bill 2276 requires that the ND Department of Health use
Federal 317 vaccine funding to provide vaccines for children with insurance only at public
health departments. Providing universal vaccinations at public health only, may cause
patients to leave their medical home to receive immunizations. Previously, Federal 317
funding was used to provide vaccines for uninsured and underinsured adults. Under the new
universal system, those programs will no longer be available. The Centers for Disease
Control (CDC) has indicated that 317 funding should not be used for children with insurance,
though there is no formal policy.

· House Bill 1004 – Additional funding was added for public health state aid. Grand Forks
Public Health will get $25,000 more per year to help pay for gas, pensions, insurance, and
other expenses that have increased in the past few years. This will offset dollars that
otherwise would have come out of the general fund, and helps not raise taxes in Grand Forks.

· Highlights of the Legislature Session:
· The Women’s Way Program was funded. There were some questions about whether that program would continue.
· Tobacco Prevention (House Bill 1025) – The ballot measure had occurred two and a half years ago, and established a fund for the Tobacco Prevention Center. There were discussions to do something else with the money, such as fund the medical school expansion, which was not supported by the legislature.
· Property Tax Relief – The Legislature had to put more money in the fund to offset the tax relief that they are giving to the schools, because the school mil levy is down.
· Water Treatment – There were a number of cities requesting funding for state projects, including $1.75 million for Grand Forks.
· Transportation – This area did well for funding, especially for roads. According to people where there is traffic on the roads due to the oil industry, it is not enough.
· 911 – Received an increase for the 911 Center fees.
· Payback Provision Rescinded – Grand Forks is no longer obligated to pay back the $52 million received from the state for the dike system built after the 1997 Flood.
· Reserve Funds – Budget reserves are expected to be over $1 billion by June 2012.

IV. New Business

A. Congratulations Judy DeMers, 2011 Athena Award: Don S. wanted to recognize Judy’s accomplishment (see Issue Listing attachment).

· Dana read Judy’s congratulatory letter from the Board of Health Chairperson, Cynthia Pic.

B. Public Health Nursing Staff Changes: Debbie S. reviewed the changes (see Issue Listing attachment).

· Public Health had some vacancies when Kathy Dunn resigned her position as
Immunization Program Manager and Team Leader, which Carolyn Kaltenberg filled. Joni
Tweeten then took over Carolyn’s position. A new jail nurse was hired, Korrine Olson, for
the part-time position. There is still one position to fill in the Home Visiting Program, and
another position to move up to full-time for Public Health to have a full complement.

C. Grand Forks City Food Code Update: Timothy H. gave an update on the status of the City Food Code (see Issue Listings attachment), and handed out an information sheet (see attachment).

· The Grand Forks Food Code is still in the preliminary stages of being updated. The current
food code is based on the 1976 Food and Drug Association (FDA) Food Code. It is being
worked on to update it to the 2008 version of the North Dakota Food Code, which is based on
the 2005 FDA Food Code.

· With the new food code, Environmental Health wants to implement some form of education
for managers or employees in food facilities. In the course of conducting their normal
routine inspections, the inspectors do not have enough time to educate the facility staff.
Minnesota requires food facility managers be certified through some type of educational
program, which amounts to about 16 hours of training on food safety.

· Since 1993, Grand Forks Public Health has offered a ServSafe class, an educational program
through the National Restaurant Association, to city and county food facility managers at a
reduced cost. A 75 percent voluntarily compliance rate has been established.

· Timothy H. asked for support from the board members, to require food safety training for at
least one food service manager at each facility when updating the City Food Code. He feels
it will be an important part of the new food code. It was motioned that the board support the
education requirement, and the vote was unanimous. The Board of Health asked to be
updated with this item at the next meeting on October 6th.

· The newer version of the food code will be a guideline for restaurants to follow, and will be
more scientifically based. The final version will be looked at internally by Public Health
staff and Don S., then taken to Howard Swanson for legalities. It will then have to go
through Public Safety and City Council for approval.

D. Environmental Health Data Management System: Timothy H. briefed on their new Data Management System (see Issue Listings attachment), and handed out an information sheet (see attachment).

· Environmental Health signed a service contract in June with Garrison Enterprise, Inc. for
web-based software. The Health Inspectors will use it during their restaurant and food
inspections, and nuisance complaints. They hope to make the department more efficient, and
gather more detailed data and statistics during inspections. With this new program, the
public could go to a website and see what the inspector wrote about the restaurant. Currently,
only a food facility’s score is posted on the Public Health website.

E. Public Health Software with Electronic Health Record: Debbie S. briefed on Electronic Health Record Software that Public Health is trying to acquire (see Issue Listings attachment):

· Public Health has looked at several different software systems that could provide an
electronic health record that is integrated with collecting other data, scheduling, billing, etc.
Within the last year, one particular vendor has risen to the top among all public health
departments as being the most likely to be able to provide service. This vendor is
Champs Software, based out of Mankato, Minnesota. They have contracts with many Public
Health Departments in MN, and have 15, out of 28, contracts in ND. It appears that there
will be an interface between this system and the immunization registry, which has been
maintained by Blue Cross Blue Shield.

· Public Health will need to do a budget amendment for the Services Agreement, which will
come up in a month or two. We will also be requesting to use some of the carryover funding
from one of the budgets that is part of the City General Fund. The initial cost is $45,000,
which includes training, and a $15,000 annual cost.

F. Grand Forks Public Schools Tobacco-Free Policy: Theresa K. handed out a packet on Tobacco Prevention and Control (see Issue Listings and packet attachments):

· Grand Forks Public School District adopted a Comprehensive Tobacco-Free School Policy.
They are the first district in the area to do this. Tobacco rates show 23.5 percent of high
school students are current tobacco users, and 19.7 percent are smokeless/chew tobacco
users. In comparison, 18.6 percent of adults are current tobacco users, and 5.2 percent of
adults use smokeless/chew tobacco. Comprehensive school policies are our effort to
effectively make changes to lower these rates among our youth.

· Comprehensive Tobacco-Free School Policies de-normalizes tobacco use. The North Dakota
Comprehensive Model School Policy will be used in the six other districts and four private
schools in our area to assist in the assessment and development of local policies. The Model
Policy Checklist is a tool used to review a school district tobacco-free policy status.

· In the past, the Board of Health was influential by signing a resolution in support of tobacco
prevention and public policy. The Public Health Tobacco Prevention Team is asking for the
Board of Health’s support by signing a Resolution In Support of Comprehensive Tobacco
Free School Policies. The board made a motion, all approved, and the motion passed to
support the resolution as stated on the draft document (see signed document in packet).

· August 15th will be the one-year anniversary of the Smoke-Free Work Ordinance. A ‘Save
the Date’ will be sent out to invite everyone to celebrate, 11:30 to 12:30 at Bonzer’s in Grand
Forks. There will be food, key speakers, and the release of a completed Air Quality
Monitoring Study. Part of this success was due to the Board of Health’s support.

· Judy D. requested the board send congratulations to Haley Thorson for being the recipient of
the Charles E. Kupchella Preventive Medicine and Wellness Award in May. A
congratulation letter will be signed by the board president, and given to Haley in the near
future (see attachment).

V. Next Regular Scheduled Meetings – 4:15 p.m., Thursdays, October 6 (changed from October 13), 2011; January 12, April 12, July 12, and October 11, 2012, at the Public Health Conference Room.

VI. Other:

· Dana S. – Dana inquired about a complaint against Hugo’s Supermarket. Timothy H. said
that the Health Department receives complaints on food facilities from the general public
concerning food or service on a regular basis, so this is fairly routine for them. Inspectors are
currently investigating this complaint, and have not found food code violations.

· Don S. – Don commented on Minot flood issues. Grand Forks Environmental Health had an
inspector there helping out for almost a week, and he was shocked at how rapid the mold
growth was. Due to the high temperature and still high water, the inspector commented that,

“you could almost see the mold grow.” Sixty percent of the city is still under orders to boil
their water. Of the 4,000 flooded homes, 2,400 still have six feet or more of water, and 800 of
those have ten feet of water. These numbers are homes flooded in Minot, and do not
include surrounding towns. Grand Forks Public Health sent first aid kits for use by residents
when they are allowed back in to their homes for cleanup. The Grand Forks staff collected
donations of supplies and money for the Minot Public Health staff, who were very

VII. Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

1. Issue Listings
2. 2011 North Dakota 62nd Legislative Session – Public Health Final Update
3. Environmental Health Data Management System and Grand Forks Food Code Update
4. Tobacco Prevention and Control Packet, with signed Resolution In Support of Comprehensive Tobacco Free School Policies, dated July 14, 2011
5. Board of Health Congratulation Letter to Haley Thorson, dated July 15, 2011, for
Charles E. Kupchella UND Preventive Medicine and Wellness Award

Respectfully submitted,

James Hargreaves, MD, Secretary
by: Keith Westerfield
Office Specialist, Senior
Public Health Department