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Mayor’s Health and Human Services Cabinet Minutes
October 21, 2010
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I. Call Meeting to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:10 p.m. by Don Shields.

Members Present: Keith Burger, Pat Berger, Col. Jane Denton, Pastor Gretchen Graf, Kate Kenna, Craig Knudsvig, Dr. Leland Lipp, Tracy Meagher, John Packett, and Don Shields. Others present: Sandi Marshall and Barny Sundeen (Development Homes), Liz Tyree (UND Nursing), Pat Campbell (Valley Health Board), Donna Bernhardt and Anne Harms (NDSU Extension Office), and Keith Westerfield (Public Health).

II. Old Business

A. Welcome Tracy Meagher, Red River Valley Community Action Center: Don S. welcomed Tracy to the Mayor’s Cabinet.

B. Welcome Corey Mock, Third Street Clinic: Corey was not present due to the ongoing election. Don S. reminded members that they can vote early on the sixth floor of the County Building from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., until next Friday, October 29th. Don also mentioned that flu shots are currently being given at Public Health on the third floor, so you can ‘Vote and Vaccinate.’

C. Review and Approval of Minutes of July 15, 2010 Meeting: Minutes were motioned and approved with no changes.

D. Grand Forks “Detox” Community Facility Initiative Update: Kate Kenna, Northeast Human Service Center (NEHSC) gave the latest update.

· There is now an agency that has an interest in working with NEHSC on the detox center. They still have a place for the detox center, and some funding for this. It is looking more positive now than it has at any other point in the past ten years.

· The detox center would run 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m., then the individuals would be released. They would have staff from NEHSC come in to meet with the individuals at the center about what services are available, encourage treatment, and help them look for alternatives to coming back to the detox center. This would be a social detox center. Medical detox is still done at Altru Hospital.

· The County Commissioners are still offering to let the detox center be located at the old county jail. Altru has stepped forward and said they would do some of the remodeling that needs to be done. The detox center is not a reality yet, but the project is moving forward.

· Don S. said a big stumbling block is the numbers. It is estimated that the detox center would have approximately 200 people a year using the facility, which equals less than one person a day. If you try to staff it 24/7, it becomes almost cost-prohibited. The group is swaying toward having an organization like the Northland Rescue Mission run the center for about 12 hours a day. The mission is willing to staff the detox center as a community responsibility.

E. Health Care Access Meeting, and Potential Grand Forks Community Health Center: Don S. briefed on the Community Health Center.

· There was a meeting of 27 community leaders at the Alerus Center on September 24, 2010, talking about access to health care. They will meet again on December 1, 2010 at the Bremer Bank at 9:00 a.m.

· The community leaders looked at United Way’s 2010 Community Needs Assessment. They found that 67% of community providers and 32% of community residents flagged the lack of affordable, accessible health care in Grand Forks as a major problem. They will look at options for more accessible and affordable health care can be streamlined in the community for those that do not have coverage, are underinsured, or have access issues.

· Pat B. stated that the Otto Bremer Foundation Board is coming to Grand Forks. Pat will be doing a summary of the assessment the Bremer Foundation funded. United Way also received a ‘Community Conversation’ invitation from the Bush Foundation. Because the foundation is looking to fund specific issues, they are having this meeting to find out what the issues of the community are. A surprising statistic is the actual number of people in the county that do not have health coverage at all. Small businesses in some communities cannot afford to offer health care coverage for their employees. Some parents put their child(ren) on various programs, but they themselves do not have coverage.

· Models similar to Northwood’s Community Health Center (CHC) were discussed at the meeting for CHCs. Although federal guidelines change year-to-year, currently Grand Forks would qualify for a CHC. The problem is that when you look at a CHC in Grand Forks, you include Polk County in Minnesota, whose state has better coverage for uninsured or underinsured individuals. Because of this, Grand Forks is on the borderline for qualifying for a federally-funded CHC. This may change as the rules change throughout the year and is just one of the options being discussed. Another option discussed was having an in-town community agency who has a reimbursement mechanism include the uninsured.

III. New Business

A. Welcome Colonel Jane Denton, 319th Medical Group, GFAFB: Don S. introduced and welcomed Colonel Denton to the Mayor’s Cabinet.

B. Presentation, “Autism – Columbia Place”: Sandi Marshall, CEO of Grand Forks Development Homes, Inc. (DHI) gave a presentation on “Services to People with Autism Spectrum Disorders” (see attachment).

· Previously 1 in 150 children were diagnosed with autism symptoms, but current studies now show the rate as 1 in 90 being diagnosed.

· DHI’s relatively new Day Support Services (DSS) is employment-based for individuals 18 years or older, living in the community with developmental disabilities. This program is distinguished by the fact it is very work oriented, with individuals developing on-the-job skills.

· Their DSS has two programs: The ACES (Accessing Community Employment Support) Program that is a vocational program. The Genesis Program is a brand new program just developed and provides day support for young adults with autism. This program also goes hand-in-hand with DHI’s new Columbia Place project.

· DHI provides adult residential services to seven group homes, helping 45 people total. DHI also provide support for 70 people who live in their own apartments in the community; whose needs range from very little support to 24 hours-a-day support.

· “Columbia Place - A Place of My Own” is a complex with six apartments; five one-bedroom, and one two-bedroom for the resident manager. DHI was awarded a $900,000 grant for construction of this complex that is almost completed, and should be ready for occupancy on December 1st. Individuals have to be 18 years of age or older and have low income to live in these apartments. DHI also received a United Way grant to purchase equipment for the people moving in there.

· Dr. Lipp, a founding member of the Futuristics Task Force, said that perhaps in the future, they could duplicate the same concept as “Columbia Place” for younger children.

C. Member Update:

· Donna B. – There will be a Bush Foundation Listening Session at the County Building, 6th floor, on November 9, 2010. If you would like to attend, please call the NDSU Extension Service office.

· Liz T. – The College of Nursing was visited this week for accreditation by the Board of Nursing, the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, and the Council on Accreditation of Anesthesiologist Program. They passed all three!

· Kate K. – A new psychiatrist, Dr. Pat Goodman, is now working at NEHSC.

· Craig K. – The waiting list for rental assistance for low income households is currently eight to nine months waiting, but they are catching up. The number of applicants is the same, but the applicants’ needs are less. Everyone on rental assistance pays a percentage of their income to rent. Housing is noticing a significant decrease in the amount the clients have available for their share of the rent, so HUD is paying a higher percentage than they were a year ago. Craig also reminded everyone that bedbugs are everywhere. Housing deals with people that mostly have used furniture that is often obtained with bedbugs on them. Don S. mentioned that there is a bedbug link and additional information on Public Health’s website.

· Keith B. – One of Social Services fast-growing food stamps program is ‘SNAP’ (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). People can now apply using electronic file application on the internet by going to

· Pat B. – Next week is the last week for collection for the ‘Sunday Undies.’ On Sundays at local churches, United Way collects diapers, underwear, and personal care items. They usually collect about 10,000 items a year. The first week of November the items are distributed to agencies to give to their clients.

· Tracy M. – Clients or families can come in to the Red River Valley Community Action (RRVCA) office to sign up during the next three weeks for a Turkey Basket to be given away. The RRVCA runs a homeless center for women and children, and they currently have openings for four families. Santa Day for low income families, so the kids can receive a gift from Santa, will be December 14th, from 3:00–6:00 p.m.

· Don S. reminded everyone to get their flu shot, and to contact Public Health for details and information regarding various clinics they will be conducting.

· The next regular scheduled meeting will be on Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 12:00 noon, at Altru Hospital (Lower level, Multi-media room) Conference Room.

IV. Other: None

V. Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

Attachments: Autism Slide Presentation, October 2010
Development Homes, Inc. Booklet
Member Listing, dated October 1, 2010