Grand Forks Public Health Department


Thursday, April 14, 2011

I. Call Meeting to Order

The Grand Forks Board of Health meeting was called to order at 4:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 14, 2011, at the Public Health Department Conference Room. Members that were present: Don Shields, Cynthia Pic, Dana Sande, and Dr. James Hargreaves. Others present: Timothy Haak, Javin Bedard, Delbert Streitz, Debbie Swanson, Keith Westerfield (all from Grand Forks Public Health), and from the UND College of Nursing; Sarah Chelliah (practicum student), Lisa Vadis (graduate student), and Melissa Fisher (public health nursing student).

II. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting, January 13, 2011

A motion was made and seconded to approve the January 2011 minutes as submitted. All approved and the motion passed.

III. Old Business

A. North Dakota Public Health 2011 State Legislative Issues Update: Don S. gave an update
on Legislative Issues and ND Health Appropriation Bill that included state aid, money for vaccines, and the following information on House and Senate Bills:

· House Bill 1004 - The House originally passed a bill deleting funds for: Pre-natal Alcohol
Screening ($388,458.00), Universal Vaccine ($19.4 million), and a Heart Stroke Registry
Registry ($473,000). There were issues in the House bill associated with Measure Three,
tobacco settlement funding, but the House approved the bill and sent it to the Senate. On
April 7, 2011, the Senate added most of deleted funding back in with a 47-0 vote. House
Bill 1004 is now going to a Conference Committee. The bill currently does not increase
state aid that was needed for increases in pension, salaries, and fringe benefit costs for
Local Public Health Units.

· Senate Bill 2035 – This bill allows pharmacists to vaccinate children age five and older.

· Senate Bill 2276 – Universal Vaccines for Kids. The House and Senate are looking at
returning to giving universal vaccines, using both federal and state money to give
free vaccines to children needing them. However, the Senate wants only public
health units to give the free vaccines. But, if a child is in for a wellness check with a
doctor, they should not have to go somewhere else for vaccines because of the cost.
It would be a disservice to the families and kids. Public health units may not have
the capacity to give vaccines to all the children in North Dakota, so it could be a challenge.
Public Health would like the Conference Committee to let all providers use federal funds for

· House Bill 1025 – Center for Tobacco Prevention, and Tobacco Settlement Funds. In
November 2008, 59% of North Dakotans passed the measure, stating that extra dollars
collected to the year 2017 will be put in a program and used to fund all facets of the tobacco
program. The Legislature and House wanted to put the extra money in the General Fund for
other uses. The House needed a two-thirds vote to overcome the measure, but did not receive
it. The House has forwarded the bill to the Senate. The expansion of the University of North
Dakota Medical School is also part of House Bill 1025.

IV. New Business

A. Welcome new Environmental Health Specialist: Timothy H. introduced Javin Bedard to the board (see Issue Listings attachment for history). Jim Schothorst was hired part-time for training of Javin.

· Debbie S. gave a briefing on the transition of team leaders. Carolyn Kaltenberg took
over the position of Disease Prevention Team Leader, which was vacated by Kathy Dunn,
who left at the end of last year. Joni Tweeten, Public Health Nurse, assumed Carolyn’s
Health Services Team Leader position. Public Health will be hiring a new full-time nurse to
fill Joni’s vacated position.

· Dr. Hargreaves said that it was a big loss when Kathy D. left after 25 years service, with her
knowledge and experience of immunizations. He requested the board formally thank her
for all she has done for the community. Dr. Hargreaves made the motion for the Board of
Health to send a certificate of appreciation to Kathy Dunn. The motion passed. Debbie S.
noted that Kathy planned and hosted three public health state-wide conferences, which were
held in 2003, 2006, and 2009.

B. Spring 2011 Flooding Update: Delbert S. gave an update on the current flood fight going on in the Red River Valley (see Issue Listings attachment).

· Planning for the flood went well this year. It was a collaborative effort, with not just North
Dakota, but also Minnesota, South Dakota, and Canada this year. There were several
cities that were at risk for major flooding this year in North Dakota. Public Health is in
charge of Health and Medical response in emergencies during flooding.

· In Fargo, 1,865 long-term care residents were pre-registered, given identification numbers,
and entered into the North Dakota Department of Health database. No matter where in the
state the residents go, their medical record would be available to healthcare providers.
Fargo’s Social Services identified 39 people in the county with special needs that did
not have relatives, and would need temporary housing if they had to evacuate. They could
have possibly relocated to a pre-established medical shelter in Grand Forks at the
University of North Dakota (UND). The new coordinator at UND Emergency Preparedness
is Terry Sando, an ex-Air National Guard with a lot of experience in emergency response.

· In February 2011, there were some cross-border meetings with Northwest Minnesota health
planners, who were very involved last year. Delbert attended with hospital representatives
from Grand Forks, Fargo, Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, and as far away as Bemidji.

C. Grand Forks Alliance for Healthcare Access Update: Debbie S. gave an update on healthcare access (see Issue Listings attachment), and handed out an Abstract Sheet (see attachment) for the Grand Forks Health Center Planning Grant.

· It was decided by this group that formed last fall that this would be a unique opportunity to
apply for a federal planning grant to look at the feasibility of a community health center in
our community. It will not be known until August if the planning grant is approved for the
$80,000 grant. It would provide for a coordinator, technical assistance, and all the activities
that would go into planning a community health center. If the planning grant is not approved,
the group will have to address how to do this planning without the funding.

· The United Way allocated $8,000 to Valley Community Health Center (VCHC) to jumpstart
this effort. The VCHC will be looking at employing somebody who can advance the work of
this alliance prior to any planning grant coming. The alliance group plans on meeting
monthly now, with their next meeting on May 18th.

V. Next Regular Scheduled Meetings – 4:15 p.m., Thursdays, July 14, and October 13, 2011, January 12, April 12, July 12, and October 11, 2012, at the Public Health Conference Room.

VI. Other:

· Debbie S. – It was announced this week that Grand Forks Public Schools adopted a
comprehensive tobacco-free policy for all their schools. This will now cover about 6,900
students. Prior to that, Grand Forks Schools were the first school district in North Dakota
to establish a smoke-free policy, but they have not done any work since 1987 to update their
policy. Debbie also handed out the North Dakota Public Health Associaiton Progress Report
(see attachment) to the board members. It is part of a Capacity Building Initiative.

· Don S. – Looking ahead in the next several months, the Grand Forks Public Health
Department (GFPHD) is looking into getting a new Information System for Nursing/Nutrition
electronic records, and an Information Management System for Environmental Health to keep
track of inspections electronically. Environmental Health at GFPHD is also updating the
1976 City Food Codes that are currently being used. They are using 2005 Federal and 2008
State Codes to bring the City Codes in alignment with current State and Federal Food Codes.
The Environmental Health division also wants to add a four-hour educational class
requirement for restaurant employees to the City Food Code.

VII. Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

1. Issue Listings
2. Grand Forks Health Center Planning Grant Abstract Sheet
3. North Dakota Public Health Association Progress Report 2007-2010

Respectfully submitted,

James Hargreaves, MD, Secretary
by: Keith Westerfield
Office Specialist, Senior
Public Health Department