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HIV/AIDS Information

HIV Testing and Counseling

The Grand Forks Public Health Department provides confidential HIV testing to high-risk North Dakota residents. Testing and counseling is provided by a registered nurse and is by appointment only.

Two types of testing are available: conventional and rapid testing.
  • Conventional testing is conducted with a blood draw from a vein. Test results are available in five to seven days. Test results are not given over the telephone or sent in the mail.
  • Rapid testing is performed using blood from a finger stick. Results are available within 20 minutes.

The program focuses on HIV/AIDS education and reduction of high risk behaviors.

To set up a confidential appointment, obtain information, or answer any questions:

Twyla Streibel
Phone: (701) 787-8100

Ryan White Program

The ND CARES (Ryan White) is a program funded by the federal CARE act which provides assistance to improve the quality, availability, and organization of health care and support services for individuals and families with HIV/AIDS.

Nursing Case management is offered to assist in providing and coordinating health care services. It helps to identify and facilitate options and services for meeting individuals' health needs and to decrease fragmentation and duplication of care.

For further information:

Twyla Streibel
Phone: (701) 787-8100


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*Note: The Greater Grand Forks HIV/AIDS Network, Inc. is no longer active. If you need any other information related to the Network, contact Twyla Streibel at the number/email listed above.