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Health Tracks (formerly EPSDT)

Health Tracks is a preventive health program that is free for children age 0 to 21 who are eligible for Medicaid. Health Tracks offers screenings to help prevent health problems from occurring or help keep health problems from becoming worse. Health Tracks offers screenings for orthodontics, glasses, hearing, vaccinations, counseling, and other important health services. Health Tracks will help schedule appointments for services. Some services require prior authorization so be sure to check with your screener about these requirements.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Laurie Santangelo, North Dakota Northeast Regional Health Tracks Coordinator, 151 South 4th Street, Suite N301, (787-8100), the Grand Forks County Social Service Office (787-8535) or Grand Forks Public Health (787-8100).

North Dakota Department of Human Services State Health Tracks Information - for direct link click here.

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