School Resource Officers

The 'SRO' program is funded by a grant from the Department of Justice, and has been in place in Grand Forks since 1999. The Grand Forks Police Department, in cooperation with the Grand Forks School District, has three Police Officers covering the District's three High Schools and three Middle Schools.

Please contact these officers for questions or concerns regarding their respective schools. You may contact either an assigned SRO or
Lt. Grant Schiller for more information about the SRO program.

Central High School
Email: Corporal Pat Torok
Phone: (701) 787-4068

Red River High School
Email: Officer Justin Holweger
Phone: (701) 746-2407 ext. 199

Community High School
Email: Corporal Pat Torok
Phone: (701)787-4068
Middle Schools
Email: Corporal Dalee Wilkinson
Phone: (701)787-8084