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Wednesday, May16, 2012 - - 11:30 a.m. - - City Hall room A101

Youth Commission (schools represented):
Schroeder, South, Valley, Central, Red River

Others Attending:

School Faculty and Administrators.

GF Youth Commission Logo Update
Daryan Yorba, a student in Mr. Ford’s graphic arts class at Central is the creator of the logo for the Youth Commission. It will be used on t-shirts, letterhead, business cards, etc. to promote the group. The logo was selected by a vote of the commissioners and YORS members.

Middle School “Think Twice” Bullying Campaign Video
Norm thanked the school staff and Red River students that assisted with the video production. Students watched the middle school video.

High School “Think Twice” Bullying Campaign Video
Due to scheduling conflicts the high school video has not been shot yet. Students and staff have committed to do this the week after school is out so it will be ready for use in the fall.

Distribution of “Think Twice” Wristbands & Thumbrings
The group discussed the best way to roll out the campaign, as there isn’t much class time left this year. Consensus was to do a full rollout in the fall of the year in conjunction with the netbook distribution in the middle schools. Those grades not getting netbooks can also be educated and included in the campaign in their home room time. It may be nice to have a big poster in the schools with the logo and then if you sign the poster you could receive the wristband/thumbring. Waiting until fall would also allow for time to incorporate follow-up activities to reinforce the concept for students. Possibly a tie-in with the “Bully” movie if it has gotten to Grand Forks yet. Safer Tomorrows is also working on a week in the fall which will include activities in the community to promote their message and this would be a great fit to also be included.

Special Recognitions
Norm recognized the seniors. He also informed the group that senior member Mandi Englund has been selected as Distinguished Student for the State of North Dakota. This selection was based on her involvement in the school and community as well as her scholastic achievement and is a great honor for her. Norm also thanked all the other members of the commission and the YORS groups that have been involved this year and the staff and technology partners that have assisted in the program for this year. He also reviewed the list of the groups accomplishments for this year. The Mayor is running late so certificates will be mailed to all commissioners.

2012-2013 Youth Commission meeting dates

The group reviewed a list of meeting dates for next year and discussed potential topics to include for next year. Norm stated that some buildings may see some adjustment to the meeting dates and times, but this meeting should stay the same. They will also be working on trying to get a group going at both Community and Twining.

Students provided suggestions for topics that they would like to see addressed next year including:

1) Drug Use. Students felt this is an increasing issue. Perhaps could expand the Think Twice campaign to include other behaviors besides just the cyberbullying. Maybe work with Red Ribbon Week campaign in October.
2) More YORS & YC meetings. Students expressed that they would like to see more than just the one meeting a month so that more progress could be made. Possibly even students getting together to meet and work on items outside of school time.
3) Build on the Think Twice campaign throughout the year not just in the fall.
4) Meet with Fargo’s Youth Commission and others throughout the region. Perhaps have a large gathering to share ideas and discuss issues.
5) Keep information among our Youth Commission going throughout the summer. That would lead to better momentum in the fall.
6) Monte will get fall kickoff dates to Norm for the initial Think Twice push in the fall but this will probably be the first week of school.
7) Work on development of a google site for YORS and YC so students could use it to communicate over the summer.
8) In the fall they are looking at bringing in the Rachel’s Challenge speaker, mother of one of the Columbine victims, and could possible use Youth Commission/YORS support as greeters, etc. Group could wear their t-shirts and would be a very visible event to help get their name out there.


Meeting adjourned at 1:00.

Sherie Lundmark

Future Youth Commission meetings:

September 19 January 16
October 17 February 20
November 14 March 20
December 19 April 17
May 15