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Youth Commission Notes
Wednesday, January 16, 2013
GF City Hall, Room A101

Attending: Lauren Craig, Schroeder; Christ Post, Schroeder; Jessica Folson, Schroeder; Abby Salyers, Schroeder; Rylee Robinson, Twining; Cassidy Baugh, Twining; Margarita Consing, Red River; Mandi Egeland, Red River; Summer Bernard, Red River; Alex Stroth; Whitney Longie, Valley; Travis Howe, Valley; Grace Finney, Valley; Sophie Oen, Valley; Brieanna Hairston, Valley; Megan Schumacher, South; Prem Thakker, South; Trevor Weiland, South; Rebecca Rage, South; Natasha Stadstad, Central; Ian Kelly, Central.

o Brian Lee and Chad Rogers, Managers at Northern Air gave a presentation on the new family center that will be opening at the location of the previous Center Court Fitness.

Bully the Movie Discussion
o Norm has a copy of the Acceptable Use Policy.
o A possible idea would be to show the movie in the Central and Red River theaters.
o Possible ideas: In schools K-8; Family night.
o Prefer doing on school time.
o Can possibly break the movie into shorter segments with discussion.
o Norm and Mary will speak with school administration.
o School reports on bullying –
· South – Spoke with counselor
· Twining – Spoke with principal
· Schroeder – Spoke with principal
· Red River – Spoke with
· Central – Spoke with principal
Think Twice Update
o Go to elementary schools
o Start with 3rd, 4th and 5th grades – discuss with administration
o Move forward with VIP support campaign
o Youth Commission can speak in the middle schools

“Youth Can” Ideas -
o Community Service Projects: Spearhead a donation campaign; commission members volunteer; food pantry; nursing homes; clothing drive; care packages for deployed troops (local military personnel)

Other –
o Big news event before March 1 to announce luncheon when youth speak and showcase the 100 Best Community award
o Possible date could be 3rd week in February
o Imagination Library – invite United Way to next meeting to speak
o Dip N Dance – Pete will speak to the organization to let them know that the Youth Commission is concerned about these dances. Invite them to come to the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned.