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Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - - 11:30 a.m. - - A101

Youth Commission (schools represented):
Schroeder(1), South(1), Valley(1), Central(2), Red River(2)

Commnity Involvement Issues – New American Totes.
Students provided updates on plans at their schools and when they would be holding their drive. Central = Penny war, Red River = collection of bath items, Valley = assign each RT an item to collect, Schroeder = Penny War and will show DVD at Raider Time, South = Penny War next week and then fundraiser end of April.

Youth discussed the DVD creation and were planning to tape on Thursday morning in Red River, but due to flooding City staff will not be available. Taping could be postponed and new date will be set in week or so. Mrs. Axvig will also look into whether there may be some School District staff that could tape the one segment now and then edit together later.

Group discussed that the DVD should have intro section with information about Youth Commission and what New American Program is all about. DVD should include music and flashy colors, go between interview parts and then pictures, not just straight interview. Should have a contact for more information listed on the last slide.

Community Involvement Issues – Wellness Center Survey.
Abby was not present so no update on the survey was available. The group discussed that they need to find out the deadline to get ideas to the Park District so that they could be useful in the planning process for the facility. Melissa will contact John Staley at the Park District and then Abby to see what we need to do.

UND Presentation
Cami Anderson and Stephanie Gefroh explained that they are part of a Business Communications class at UND and have a proposal to work with the Youth Commission to bring a program similar to UND’s Night Life to high school and middle school youth. Their proposal was titled “Live Your Life”. They gave a brief overview of how UND’s Night Life works, that it takes place on weekends and is intended to give youth activities to steer them away from high risk behaviors and includes both active and passive activities taking place at the UND Wellness Center and the Memorial Union and is funded through UND student fees. The proposal for middle school and high school would be to maybe have one age group on Friday night and the other on Saturday and to look for grants and donations that would keep the activities low or no cost for youth. Locations would need to be found that would be appropriate for the activities planned and easy to get to for youth, possible ideas would be Purpur Arena when there isn’t hockey, new Wellness Center, maybe old Target site. Also, due to funding constraints might need to look at doing not every week, but rather few events a year to start with.

Youth liked the idea and asked questions about what could be offered, who would run, etc. Cami stated that the instructor of their class has expressed an interest in her class perhaps taking on some of the ongoing duties to keep the program going and could possibly get some other assistance from UND for grant writing for funding also. Another potential source for ongoing support could be STLF organization. Cami left a copy of the full proposal with Mrs. Axvig and Mrs. Lien.

Next step may be to get some feedback from the youth in the schools on what they might want to see offered at an event. UND group will put together quick survey and could get to all students to do at their schools with UND rep there to answer questions as well and then UND group will tally the survey results and bring back to next months meeting. Survey will be run through Lien and Axvig prior to being used in the school.

Youth Commission members should get approval from their administrator to conduct the survey in their schools and then call Cami to let her know when it could be done. UND will have the survey ready by next Thursday.

Discussion of April Agenda Items.
The group discussed that there are a couple of items that have been on the agenda for several months, but don’t get to address them because we either run out of time or the people that are needed aren’t here (Driving and Parking Concerns and Alcohol Issues). Group also discussed perhaps having a time at the beginning to share concerns from schools with the group. Youth were encouraged to not just present complaints, but to add a potential or desired solution to the item presented. Maybe call it “a Bug and a Wish”.

April agenda should include:
1) A Bug and A Wish
a) Parking and Driving Concerns at Schools
(Individuals from Law Enforcement or agencies should be there to discuss item)
2) New American Tote Project Update
3) UND “Live Your Life” Proposal update
4) Alcohol Use by Youth
(Individuals from law enforcement or agencies should be there to discuss candidly the actual issues in the community for alcohol use in youth.)

Presentation at City Council on April 5
Ben and Jordy will come to the April 5 City Council meeting at 5:30 to provide a brief summary of what the Commission has been working on this year. Melissa will be an alternate.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherie Lundmark
Admin Spec Sr.