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Mayor’s Cabinet on Young People
Wednesday, October 14, 2009 - - 3:00 p.m. - - A101

Present: Pat Berger, Chief Packett, Mary Lien, Karen Axvig, Carma Hanson, Corey Mock, Pete Haga

I. Welcome
II. Introductions

Pete Haga welcomed everyone and passed along regrets Mayor Brown was unable to attend.

III. Agency Report on Youth-related Activities


IV. Youth Commission Update

Lien introduced Karen Axvig who has been hired as the Youth Facilitator. Axvig spoke on her background and teaching philosophy and plans for the YORS (youth Opporutnities Recognition Skills) groups in the school buildings and how they will work in conjunction with the Youth Commission. The YORS meetings will take place the third week of every month and be facilitated by Axvig. Lien is meeting with all of the building principals.

The committee discussed keeping the same meeting schedule for the Youth Commission. The Youth Commission meetings will be 11:30 to 1:00 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month in the Grand Forks City Council Chambers. The first meeting will be Wed., Nov. 18. Following meetings will be Dec. 16 and Jan. 15.

It was agreed the Mayor’s Cabinet on Young People would meet jointly with the Youth Commission at its first meeting on Nov. 18.

V. Cabinet on Young People Next Steps
A. Next meeting Date
Wed., November 18 – at 11:30 a.m., Grand Forks City Council Chambers in joint session with Grand Forks Youth Commission
The Committee also requested a schedule of this year’s meeting dates be sent out to better allow Cabinet members to plan attendance.

B. Next Meeting Agenda
The next meeting will be a joint meeting with the Youth Commission so the agenda will be an introduction to the Cabinet and Cabinet Members to the commissioners and a dialogue about Commission Mission and Purpose.

VI. Other

Hanson brought up the issue of our community, including high schools and UND, and the reputation for alcohol and binge drinking and how that reputation is found everywhere from college informational material to doctor’s offices. The cabinet discussed the prevalence of this issue and what has been done in the recent past to address it including the Answer Coalition, community-wide public meetings, the It’s Not OK campaign, and others. It was suggested this is a continuing topic for the cabinet.

The composition of the Cabinet was also discussed and it was suggested that all members look at the membership list in regards to any changes necessary. Haga stated the mission of the Cabinet from the Mayor was to include a representative from any entity or any individual who had some role/impact in a child’s life so that no matter the issue/problem/concern, someone on the Cabinet had the authority or the responsibility to address it.

It was suggested that perhaps a smaller group of the larger Cabinet could be formed for the specific purpose of advising the Youth Commission.

VII. Adjourn

Respectfully submitted,

Pete Haga,
Mayor’s Office