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Wednesday, May 18, 2011
3:00 p.m., A101, Grand Forks City Hall

Axvig (Youth Facilitator) ______, Barnes (Boy Scouts) ______, P. Berger (United Way) _X__, Brown (Mayor) __X__, L. Burger (UND) ____, Bishop Cole _____, Carlson (Juvenile Court)__X___, Erickson (Housing Authority) ___X__, Gershman (City Council) _____, Glassheim (City Council) ______, Oversen (UND Student Pres)_____, Hanson (SafeKids) _____, NE Human Svcs _____, Knutson (NDSU Ext.) ______, (Lien (School Dist.) __X__, Mishler (Com. Foundation) ______, Mock (Dist. 42 & 3rd St. Clinic) __X___, Nybladh (School Dist.) _____, Opp (SPA) _____, Otteson (Health Dept.) _____, Packett (PD) _____, Painter (GFAFB) _________, Brooks (Lutheran Social Services) _____, Regimbal (Lutheran Social Services) ______, Rivard (GF States Attny) ______, Rood (Answer/Park District) _____, Rost (Sheriff) _____, Staley (Park District) _____, Thompson (YMCA) ____, Wilfarht (Chamber) _____

I. Welcome (Cabinet Member & Mayor Brown)

II. Organization Brief (2 minute each – All members)
Deb Carlson – Working with the Safer Tomorrow’s Project
Lisa Martinez – United Way is ramping up for the 2011 Campaign
Mary Lien – School is wrapping up so busy there plus ramping up for summer activities.
Barry – Housing the GGFYP new Executive Director position as part of ongoing support of the young people and Young Professionals specifically.
Kayla – Assisting St. Vincent DePaul with volunteers for the Summer lunch program.
Corey Mock – Discussed a new pilot project with NOVAC called Healthy Living Through Art. It is an art therapy (although not official therapy) program for the RR valley and will run from June 14 to August 2 and focusing on using different art media to assist with physical and/or mental recovery.
- Also on the Legislative side, a statewide bully bill was passed.
Mayor Brown – Just returned from Washington DC with an amazing team to present the Safer Tomorrow’s proposal to the DOJ. It went very well and the team demonstrated their collaborative spirit and passion for the wellbeing of our young people. We are expected to hear from them in a few weeks.

III. 2010-2011 Youth Commission Update
Haga reported the Commission held their last official meeting of the school year but is planning to meet with the Lakota Youth Council on June 17 in Lakota for the annual Turkey BBQ. There may be room for Cabinet members to join so let Haga know. The commissioners will also be meeting in August to plan for the 2011-2012 Kick Off event they will be holding to increase awareness of the YORS and Youth Commission and to potentially recruit commissioners for the 2011-2012 season. Commissioners also adopted to policy to try retain ½ of the members from year to year in order to keep momentum. To do this, they will hold elections in the YORS meeting in a three-part process. The first election will be for the one “Continuing” seat. This will be open only to students who are current commissioners. The second election will be for the “Second” seat. This will be open to both current commissioners and non-commissioners. The third part will be an “Alternate” to serve when either of the first two are unable.

IV. America’s Promise 100 Best Communities for Young People Application
The application for the Fifth Round of the 100 Best Communities for Young People is due next Friday, May 27. Haga provided a current draft of the application and requested editing and further completion by cabinet members. There are data points that need to be completed and a question on which entity can provide them so it was requested that all entities on the Cabinet review and forward any relevant data. Other members expressed interest in reviewing, editing and adding information to the current draft. This will be forwarded to Haga for inclusion. We are also still waiting on two Youth Testimonials from Youth Commissioners – Kaitlin and Natasha.

V. Other business (added)
There was a very good discussion on a potential awareness raising issue of accountability. The idea was to promote the fact that students and parents should not try to stop ramifications or penalties to breaking the law or school policies. There is the potential for an Accountability Awareness campaign and try to reinforce that being accountable for your actions is a valuable character quality.

This also let into a very good discussion about Meaningful Community Service and the inability to provide good projects for young people who must serve time through community service. The discussion centered around the idea that giving meaningful projects to those with time to serve would have an added benefit to those serving and perhaps build some sense of accomplishment or even community pride in completing a project that had value. Some of the projects including cleaning and landscaping parks/public areas, building or repairing public or non-profit facilities, etc. These were contrasted with standard community service of things like “vacuuming floors”. There could either be ongoing projects or even a calendared schedule – like monthly or bi-weekly service projects where hours of service could be performed. It was agreed that Meaningful Community Service would be placed on the next agenda. Deb Carlson would lead the discussion and Haga would request members of the Park District, City Urban Development and City Public Works be present.

VI. Next Meeting
· Mayor’s Cabinet on Young People – TBA (July, 2011 expected)
· Grand Forks Youth Commission – Joint Meeting in Lakota, June 17

VII. Adjourn