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June 27, 2007 – 12:00 Noon
Council Chambers

Present: Mandy Spicer, Rachel Gonzalez, Nicole Robertson, A.J. Arnold, Kaitlyn Foley, Bailey Altman.
Others: Pete Haga and Sherie Lundmark (City of Grand Forks), Deb Thompson (YMCA).

President Spicer called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m.

The group briefly recapped the spring middle school dance. Dance was a success. Gift cards to Blockbuster and Best Buy were given away as prizes throughout the evening and were very popular. DJ was good, music played was good. There were some problems with running out of cups for the water stand and water in general and maybe look into more or some type of concession for next time.
Summer High School Dance

The group would like to sponsor a summer high school dance.

Ø Target Date = Thursday, July 26
Ø Time = 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 Midnight
Ø Location = Gambucci Arena. Due to considerations for weather an indoor location seemed best. President Spicer will contact the John Staley or Bill Palmiscno at the Park District and Sue Shirek, GF Police Department, to discuss having the event there and any stipulations for security, etc. that would be needed. There maybe more security needed due to the older age of the crowd. Other potential sources for security could be the Explorer class that works with the Police Department or Grand Forks Air Force Base volunteers.
Ø Age = 14-19 years old. Open to regional youth as well as Grand Forks Youth. Youth attending should show ID, either school id, drivers license, etc. to prove age.
Ø Breathalyzers will be used. Mandi will also contact Chris Rood, The Answer, to see if they can provide the breathalyzers for use at the dance.
Ø Format = DJ. Gift cards should be used for prizes again.
Ø Admission = $3.00
Ø Advertising = Posters will need to be created. Posters should be put throughout town, especially at businesses that have a lot of youth traffic. Radio stations should also be made aware of the event and see if they would promote it.
Ø Concessions = Discussions with the park district should also include how a concession stand could be worked in. This dance will be a longer time frame and maybe have more people so may need a better system than was used for the middle school event. The group discussed that concessions could also be a money maker for the commission.

President Spicer noted that everyone will need to commit to working on this event to get it together in time. Haga reinforced this and commented that it was hard to get people to work on the spring dance and a few people did a lot to get the event put together. So far this summer, it has been difficult to get commission member participation for meetings and pulling off a summer event will require a lot more time and work. There will need to be a big commitment from the Commission to get this event pulled together in time.
Commission Membership

Haga brought up that the commission needs to start thinking about how new members are brought onto the commission to replace outgoing commission members as they graduate, as well as electing officers to replace outgoing officers. He pointed out that some things to consider are whether once someone is one do they stay on until they graduate or decide they no longer want to participate or should there be limits on the terms and then they are replaced by someone else at their school. He commented that there has been interest expressed by some not currently on the commission that would like to join and need to decide what process will be used to fill in vacancies. There are at least 4 vacancies due to graduation. President Spicer stated that she would like to continue to be involved in some way if she could. The group discussed that perhaps recent graduates or outgoing officers could be used to train new officers for a period of time. The group also discussed that there are a few people that may have been at a meeting or two at the beginning, but then not participated since and maybe they need to be contacted to see if they are still interested in continuing or if they are no longer interested we could look into getting replacements lined up.
Skate Park Relocation

Haga reported that the Park District is proposing to relocate the skate park to a downtown area near the Police Department. He added that the relocation is due to more space being available there to enlarge and improve the park, as well as to address some safety concerns that have kept some away from the park at its current location. He continued that the Park District is working with a consultant to brainstorm options for the design of the skate park and is looking for youth input. They would like to have representation from the Youth Commission, as well as from the skating community. President Spicer volunteered to be one representative from the Youth Commission. Any other interested members of the commission should contact her or Pete Haga as soon as possible to express their interest. The Park District is looking to get work with the consultant underway so a meeting will be coming up very soon.
Movie Tickets

Deb Thompson reported that she spoke with Carmike about the movie tickets. They currently sell passes in minimum quantities of 100 for $6 per ticket. The passes are then good for up to a year from the date of purchase. Options would be to purchase 100 and then either resell them or give them away as rewards or prizes. The normal ticket price for a movie is currently $8.25 so they are a savings. No further action was taken on this item at this time.

Riverside Pool

There is no update on this topic. Discussions are continuing at the Park District on this matter, with no vote set as yet. Haga encouraged the Commissioners to put their thoughts together on this matter and share them with the Park District and the City Council, keeping in mind that the Park District overall has the responsibility for the pool and that City Council can not make the final decision to open or close the pool.
Report to City Council

Bailey, AJ and Kaitlyn will attend the next City Council meeting for the monthly update. The presentation could include a recap of the middle school dance, announcement of the plans to host the summer high school dance, and to express the Commissions thoughts on the pool. Haga encouraged them to put their thoughts together in written format to share with Council. He also encouraged them to make their presentation to the Park District. Items of concern in regards to the pool are the distance for northend youth to get to Elks Pool and the difficulty in getting transportation from parents to get there, the fact that Elks has been turned into more of a young kid pool and is not appealing to older youth since it is all 4’ or less and no longer has diving available, and the need to have water activities for older youth.

The next commission meeting will be on Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at 12:00 Noon in Council Chambers at City Hall. Please contact Pete Haga at 746-2608 or by e-mail at phaga@granforksgov.com or petehaga@hotmail.com to confirm whether or not you are able to attend. One of the main topics for the meeting will be an update on where things are at with plans for the Summer Dance for High School Youth.

Meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.