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Wednesday, May 19, 2009
3:00 p.m., A101, Grand Forks City Hall

Axvig (Youth Facilitator) __X__, Barnes (Boy Scouts) ______, P. Berger (United Way) __X_, (Haga) Brown (Mayor) __X__, L. Burger (UND) ____, Bishop Cole _____, Erickson (Housing Authority) ______, Gershman (City Council) _____, Glassheim (City Council) ______, Bakke (UND Student Pres)_____, Hanson (SafeKids) __X__, Kimball-Iverson (NE Human Svs) _____, Knutson (NDSU Ext.) ______, (Lien (School Dist.) _____, Mishler (Com. Foundation) ______, Mock (Dist. 42) ______, Nybladh (School Dist.) _____, Opp (SPA) _____, Otteson (Health Dept.) __X__, Packett (PD) _____, Brooks (Regimbal) (Lutheran Social Services) __X__, TBD (Youth Com. Pres.) _____, Rood (Answer) _____, TBD (Youth Com. VP) _____, Staley (Park District) _____, Thompson (YMCA) _X_, Wilfarht (Chamber) _____, Hall-Jiran (CVIC) __X___

I. Welcome (Cabinet Member & Mayor Brown)
Welcome by Haga

II. New Member Announcement/Recognition
Hall-Jiran from CVIC introduced, recognizing membership of CVIC as a Cabinet on Young People Organization

III. Agency Report by Members (1 minute each – All members)
CVIC – Child therapist is on staff and very busy. Also, the Wishing Well participation has increased significantly.

LSS – Referral to Divert Program have increased, despite being the end of the school year. Let Cabinet members know that referrals can be made at any time.

SafeKids – the Hyperthermia Awareness Campaign is underway. Thanks to Cabinet members for getting the information out as presented at last meeting. Be aware that young children’s temps can increase 3-5 times faster than adults. Also, it is ok – even recommended – to please call police if you think there is a child in danger. Haga confirmed the Police want to get these calls as a safety precaution.

YORS – It was a great year for the YORS program and Youth Commission and looking at getting started very early next year with an August 16 kick-off being planned. It is the hope the city and school can continue to partner on these programs and maintain the shared facilitator.

Health – Already gearing up for the 2010 Fall flu season. This year the flu shot clinics will be going into the area K-12 schools in order to provide even more complete coverage.

United Way – The new Impact model structure has been initiated for this year’s allocations and a new committee structure is also being looked at. One of the focus areas is Childhood wellness, including overall livability.

IV. Review of YORS Meetings and Youth Commission Activities (Axvig/Lien)
Presented above.

V. Presentation by “Prevent Child Abuse ND”
Megan Treinen from “Prevent Child Abuse – North Dakota” presented information on the Wakanheza Project. This is a statewide project currently looking to be piloted in the Grand Forks area. There was support from the Cabinet for this as a GF/ND Pilot project. Wakanheza literally means “sacred being”. It is the Dakota word for “Child”. The project purpose is to advance the principles and strategies in the community that can help create healthy, welcoming environments for children, youth, adults and families. It focuses on domestic violence, particularly how it affects children. It also focuses on assistance without judging – with one example of a “stressed out” parent trying to deal with an “unruly” child in public setting such as a grocery store or restaurant. It provides support, guidance and strategies for a positive outcome. Discussion provided there are opportunities for the Cabinet and the Youth Commission to participate and the cabinet members asked if they could talk with the organizers more in the Fall, when school and the Youth Commission was back in session. One suggestion was that the Youth Commissioners could become “ambassadors” of these principals and strategies and take the message and materials to school groups and to businesses. As such, they would not only be spreading the message, but they would be learning more and more themselves. As teachers, they would also learn so be, effectively, both Ambassadors and Train-the-trainers.

VI. Grant Information Presentation
Kristi and Janelle provided background information on a very exciting opportunity for the community. The City of Grand Forks has the opportunity to implement planning and programs to advance the efforts to intervene and prevent violence, specifically related to children. The CVIC and LSS are leading an effort (with a small army) to apply for funding for a Dept. of Justice, Juvenile Justice planning grant (with a possible subsequent implementation grant) along with dozens of partners. Because this is such a community-comprehensive project, the Cabinet on Young People would be the best “lead” agency as it includes representation of nearly all of the entities involved, as well as a history to providing programs and resources for the young people in the area. It also represents the city government. It was agreed the Mayor’s Cabinet on Young People should take official action to accept this role. By consensus, the Cabinet agreed to take on the roles as identified through the grant process. A memorandum of understanding would be presented to the City Attorney for review. Appreciation is expressed to those responsible for completing the extensive grant application and for the leadership in bringing this opportunity forward.

VII. Other Current Youth Issues in Grand Forks
* 100 Best Communities for Young People Application

Haga reported the 100 Best Communities for Young People Application was being compiled thanks to several Cabinet members and would be submitted by June 1. Announcements are expected late Summer-early Fall.

VIII. Cabinet Member Presentations at Youth Commission Meeting – None at this time

IX. Next Meeting
POSTPONED - Mayor’s Cabinet on Young People – Wed., June 16, 3:00 p.m., Room A101 City Hall
Grand Forks Youth Commission – tbd

X. Adjourn