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Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - - 11:30 a.m. - - A101

Youth Commission (schools represented):
Schroeder, Twining, Valley, Central, Community, Red River

Mayor’s Cabinet Representative Presentation
Janelle Regimbal of Lutheran Social Services gave a brief presentation on the programs that LSS provides. Anyone can participate in the programs even if you are not Lutheran and most programs are free of charge. Some of the programs that specifically work with youth in the community are: Divert, Dependent Care, Restorative Justice and Day Report.

Mayor’s Cabinet on Young People Grant
Janelle Regimbal, LSS, and Kristi Hall-Jiran of the Community Violence Intervention Center, informed the group about a new federal grant that the community would like to apply for that would help youth in the community. The grant would provide assistance against violence to youth 0-17. They asked the youth commission to consider supporting the grant through providing feedback to the Cabinet on youth issues and proposed actions that the grant could provide in the community. A short survey was completed by commission members for use by the grant committee.

“Bug and a Wish” Report
1) Respect for teachers – there is an issue in some schools where students do not treat teachers with respect. The group discussed various ways to respond to this issue including – more discipline options for teachers, proper training for teachers on how to react to situations. Some examples of training used in some of the schools and seems to be effective could be shared with other schools. Modeling respect in a school seems to be effective way to get more students to be respectful.
2) Recycling – some schools use Styrofoam trays and not good for the environment. There is a group of friends working to form an environmental group to work on this type of issue in the school. This would be a good topic for the Commission to consider working on for next year.

UND Survey Update.
Kami stated that she will only be here for part of the year next year, but will be working with new class and STLF to continue work on this program for next year. UND has a grant program and their professor has submitted this project. Grants will be awarded over the summer and if get it would hope for first event in the fall. Other grants for funding can also be looked for if someone is willing to work on that. The group discussed that Seniors that wish to continue involvement next year and are going to UND can check out the STLF group and stay connected that way. Kami shared her contact information and that students should brainstorm over the summer about activities that they would like to see for the fall.

Discuss Summer Meetings
The groups discussed summer meetings. Consensus was that perhaps difficult to get together based on work and activity schedules of the group. Maybe tentative meeting on Monday, August 16 over lunch hour at City Hall.

Suggestions for Next Year
Recycling, Activity Night, More reports from Cabinet Members/Agencies in the Community, Increase knowledge about YORS and YC in the Community, Continue work with Wellness Center, Relay for Life involvement.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.

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