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Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - - 11:30 a.m. - - City Hall room A101

Youth Commission (schools represented):
Schroeder, South, Valley, Red River

Others Attending:

School Faculty and Administrators.


All students and guests introduced themselves and stated what school they represented.

Mr. Dutot stated that the focus of the meeting will be to do some research on cyberbullying video and the parent handout to move those projects along.

Video Research and Discussion

Students broke into small groups and used laptops to view some cyberbullying videos done by other schools and organizations. They made note of different uses of music, graphic, length, and message to help them determine what they would like to include in their video. The goal is to produce one video for the high school audience and one video to target the middle school/older elementary audience. School faculty split up and joined the student groups for the video research.

Discussion/Parent Handout & Video

Students discussed the videos that they watched. They also discussed that a lot of parents don’t know much about Facebook and Twitter and that information on the parent handout about basics for those applications would be good information for parents to have. The parent handout could also be given to the school secretary’s to include with the monthly parent newsletter. Placing a QR code on it could also be beneficial because it could take parents straight to an internet site with more information and links than could be included in the handout. Tapping into the school newsletter would be easy since it is already established and a distribution method is in place – through email at most schools.

The group reviewed a sample handout created by Mandi. She addressed Facebook in her draft, but not Twitter, as she doesn’t use that so isn’t as familiar of what to include. Mr. Olson stated that he could help her add some information about Twitter. The information could also be forwarded to students through their Google Docs accounts, which most if not all students have for use for their classes.

The group also discussed contacting the Herald to see if they could run an article about their efforts to address cyberbullying. They will also work on ways to get the information out during parent-teacher conferences which are coming up soon. It was suggested that perhaps it could be handed out at the registration tables at schools where there is a central registration, with homeroom teachers or at a table staffed by students.

Mr. Douthit commented that having the handout would be a valuable resource that teachers and administrators could also use when issues of bullying come up and they could also share it at that time with parents when they come in.

Middle school could use the video in their RT”s and focus on this issue for a week.

Mr. Dutot asked if the students had an interest in doing a campaign with the student body with a pledge and bracelets. Students would take the pledge and then would receive a bracelet to wear as a reminder to not cyberbully, maybe rainbow colors to remind that it is all people all interests. Another suggestion was thumb rings, as when worn the person would see it as they were texting as a reminder to not bully.

The group discussed that it is important to consider what you post now, as current and future employers can check you out on the internet and once you post something it’s sometimes impossible to get it back. What you post could cost you your job or even getting an interview currently and in the future.

Twitter can be even more dangerous, as there is no conversation that takes place like on Facebook, but anyone can say anything.

Students will work within their schools on getting permission to distribute the parent handout and what they need to do to include it in the newsletter. Work on the videos will continue at future meetings here and within the YORS groups.


Meeting adjourned at 1:00.

Sherie Lundmark

Future Youth Commission meetings: February 15, March 21, April 18, May 16