Committee Minutes

Youth Commission Notes
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1. Leadership/Responsibility
Group Leaders: Mandy Egeland, Natasha Stadstad and Margarita ??
Leadership – lead by example
Actions reflect on Commission

Introductions –
South – Jenna Belker, Megan Schumacher, Nick Stahl and Prem Thakker
Schroeder – Chris Post and Lauren Craig
Red River – Mandy Egeland and Alex Stroth
GFC – Natasha Stadstad, Porli Lai and Cayla Vondal
Valley – Whitney Longie, Sophie Oen, Brieanna Hairston and Travis Howe

2. Organization of Meetings/Meeting Dates
Meetings held on 3rd Wednesday of each month w/some exceptions

3. Think Twice Roll Out
Week of October 22 – 26, 2012
Banners “I pledge to Think Twice” with Youth Commission logo
Presentations /announcements
Commission members educate students on the campaign at their school
Someone hand out rings and bracelets
Sign pledge
Orange color used to identify campaign
Start with middle and high schools
Bring to 6th grade orientation in the spring
Letter developed last year can be distributed to parents of elementary kids
Each school will make their plans at Yors meetings 2 weeks prior
Each school to create their own banner to include the Youth Commission logo

4. Ideas for Projects for This Year
Anti-Bully topic will be carried forward
“Bully” movie will be out on DVD September 2012
Show movie at theater – family night?
Bus students to theater for movie
Promote Imagination Library
Focus on Positive messaging
Youth Commission can be positive role models – “Youth Can Do – Youth Do!”

5. T-Shirts
Order Youth Commission t-shirts for general use – Green color with black lettering if color is neon green or white lettering if green is dark; Youth Commission logo on sleeve if possible; Lettering only on the front if possible to put logo on the sleeve
Specialty t-shirt for “Think Twice” – Orange color

6. Website/Minutes/Photos
The minutes will be posted on the YC website
Photos taken also to be posted on YC website

7. Problems with Email
Norm will solve

8. Other
Create a long-term use general Youth Commission banner
Make sure all banners have Youth Commission and logo