Committee Minutes

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 - - 11:30 a.m.

Youth Commission (schools represented):
Schroeder, Valley, Central, Community, Red River

Mayor’s Cabinet on Young People:
Axvig, P. Berger, Brown, L. Burger, Hanson, Lien, Mock, Otteson, Packett, Rood, Thompson, Schimke, Lemon, Lundmark

Welcome and Introductions.

P. Berger welcomed the group and all present introduced themselves and stated what organization/school they represented.

Ice Breakers.

Axvig conducted a puzzle ice breaker, which youth first completed a sheet individually, then worked on a second sheet in a group with two adults in attendance.

Leadership Exercise.

L. Burger introduced Dr. Robert Boyd, VP of Student & Outreach Services at University of North Dakota. Dr. Boyd spoke on leadership and its value, using examples from his personal life to show how leadership skills develop and effect the decisions that we make.

5 Promises, YORS and the GF Youth Commission.

Lien explained the foundation of the Cabinet and Commission, the America’s Promise Organization and their 5 Promises.

Lien distributed a handout explaining and comparing two leadership models – traditional leadership and the CORE model. Students voted on which model to use, with vote being CORE Model: 7; Traditional : 3. CORE Model will be used in this years Youth Commission.

The group discussed term limits for the Youth Commission and a proposed term limits shown on the handout. The group discussed the importance of having diversity within groups of a school and grade levels so that all are represented. The group discussed ways to fill vacancies that may occur due to moves or school changes. Consensus was:
1) if a Commissioner left, the YORS group they represented would elect a new rep from their group.

2) if a Commision CORE member left, members of the Commission could be nominated and then Commission would elect member to join the CORE.

A unanimous vote approved the term limits as described in the handout.

Consensus was that if you were a commissioner with a term expiring, that you should bring the person who would be replacing you to some of the spring meetings as a guest so that they would be familiar with the group when it is time for them to start serving.

Community Service.

Thompson discussed with the group what community service is and the effect that volunteers can have within the community. The group discussed that work is being done to create a list of youth friendly volunteer opportunities in the community. Youth were also encouraged to bring forth their own ideas for projects and needs that the group could consider.

(Mayor Brown joined meeting,)

Hanson explained the difference between a nonprofit and a for profit business and how they work within the community.

P. Burger shared some thoughts on how youth might want to get involved in the community and ways that agencies could connect with youth.

A suggestion was made that perhaps once the list of opportunities is compiled that it could also be forwarded to the activities director at each school for posting/distribution to service groups within the schools and that perhaps First Night would be a good place to assist with some youth programming.

Otteson shared that there is a need for the H1N1 flu shot clinic scheduled for this weekend at Red River and can use age 16 & over to fill a variety of positions and provided contact information for anyone interested.

Mayor Brown addressed the group, thanking them for their interest and participation in the group and commitment to making the community better.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.