Committee Minutes

Youth Commission Notes
Wednesday, December 19, 2012
GF City Hall, Room A101

Attending: William Valentine, Schroeder; Christ Post, Schroeder; Rex Stancliff, Twining; Cassidy Baugh, Twining; Margarita Consing, Red River; Mandi Egeland, Red River; Jennie Swanson, Red River; Whitney Longie, Valley; Megan Schumacher, South and Prem Thakker, South.

Bully the Movie Discussion
o Norm passed out postcards for the Bully Project.
o A student from Schroeder has seen this movie and related some of the incidents from the movie. It is coming out on DVD February 12, 2013. It has been in the theaters since last spring. The Commission would like to get this movie introduced in the schools.
o Possible ideas: In schools K-8; Family night.
o K-8 grades already have class meetings each week.
o Next month look at the information available with the movie and make a plan on how to disseminate within the schools.
o Possibly do middle schools first.
o Want to get this done this spring.
o Norm will check on the legality of screening to students/families.
o Target month: April 2013

Think Twice Update
o Connect Youth Commission, Think Twice and anti-bully campaign.
o Campaign could be a video project that shows influential people and citizens.
o “I Am an Influence” campaign.
o People on camera could be: Mayor Brown, UND athletes, AFB, UND President, Pee Wee Hockey etc.

“Youth Can” Ideas -
o Christmas in the Park – schedule a day to paint materials.
o Community Service Projects: Spearhead a donation campaign; commission members volunteer; food pantry; nursing homes; clothing drive

Other –
o Youth Commission could give a report to City Council two or three times a year.
o America’s Promise would like Youth Commission to stage an event to showcase the 100 Best Community award.
o An event such as a “GF Youth Can Day” with the Mayor and City Council.
o Paint and decorate the sign for Christmas in the Park at 4:00 pm on December 20, 2012.

Meeting adjourned.