Committee Minutes

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 - - 3:00 p.m.

Present: Axvig, Lien, L. Burger, Knutson, Nybladh, Opp, Regimbal, Shuster, Haga.

Agency Report by Members:

Knutson reported that their program is gearing up for 4-H projects day and some upcoming afterschool projects. She stated that they are still looking for judges for the expo day projects and anyone interested should contact her.

Shuster stated that Safe Kids is selling programs and working on educational programs on winter sport safety and holiday safety.

Regimbal reported that LSS is working on holiday programs which will help to make sure that families are served over the holidays. The BOSS program will start up again after Christmas.

Staley reported that Santa Village is up and running, work on outdoor rinks is finishing up and warming houses open today, the Wellness Center completed a contract with Altru for providing service on site.

Axvig is working with youth in the YORS and Youth Commission great kids this year.

Lien reported that the character ed group has met, leadership is the theme this year along with six pillars of character. This is the year for the Youth Risk Behavior Survey and are looking for input from agencies on items to include in the survey.

Opp reported that SPA is getting ready for next year’s program.

Packett reported that GREAT program has wrapped up for this year. There recently was a need for a lockdown at school due to potential danger in the area and procedures were followed and worked very well. Explorer Post met at training center, 30 youth participating this year and have some college age past participants coming back as Councilor’s and great to see them continue their interest in the program.

Nybladh reported that District has completed a review and for first time all schools are accredited and great achievement for our district. Organizational analysis study, Facility Assessment Study, and stand alone study for Music and Fine Arts Programs are all planned or underway which may result in several projects. Facility Study results are expected in April, Music and Fine Arts study results have gone to the Board and looking for action in January. Resurfacing will be done at Cushman field, artificial turf will be put on field at Red River which will allow for the expansion of soccer to that location. On January 25 at 7:00 p.m. there will be a Public Forum at South Middle School on organizational and facility studies.

L. Burger reported that UND is in finals week and so stress level little higher on campus, winter commencement will happen on Friday, many students leave for the holidays so campus will be quiet, classes start up again on January 11. They will be holding
“Are You Ready” college transition programs which is an opportunity for students and families to hear about issues related to entering college and will be a couple in spring in Grand Forks and then some in outlying communities.

P. Burger was not able to attend but asked Haga to report that United Way is busy with the Toys for Tots program and number of families needing assistance this year has doubled and looking at serving 270 families with over 700 children this year.

Review of November 18 Joint Meeting with Grand Forks Youth Commission

Group reviewed the items discussed at the meeting. Bob Boyd gave great talk on leadership. Good discussion at the meeting.

Review of December 18 GF Youth Commission Meeting

Group discussed that there were great comments and discussion by the commissioners. Youth seem very interested on getting involved in the community and enthusiastic about the two opportunities presented today – Celebrate the Night and New American Tote Project.

The Commission has suggested that to increase the usage at the high school fitness centers look into a bussing program to bring middle school in during certain hours. They also discussed activities and again brought up the youth center need.

The group discussed how the commission is promoted within the schools. Axvig explained that students report back to their contact person at the school. They also have a monthly meeting at each school which has from 5 to 15 students per school, 2 commission reps share the information from the meeting, then will bring feedback to next commission meeting. If the decision is to do an activity, then the reps will go to their building contact person and/or principal and get permission and discuss how to promote it within the school, then implement what is decided on.

Lien said it was exciting to see the youth bring up adding a youth member to the Celebrate the Night board for planning and shows they do want to be involved if given the chance.

The group discussed that UND hosts Night Life which is alcohol free hang out type activity for college age youth and sounds like youth would like to have something like that for teen years too.

Staley stated that they are planning kind of a youth wing at the wellness center which will have areas geared for tots, grade school and teen youth.

Haga asked if there was any issue with doing a press release to recognize those on the commission and in using their names in items related to the Youth Commission. Nybladh stated that should not be a concern, as this is independent of the school and have their parents permission to participate so should be o.k.

Group also discussed the need to increase the visibility of the Youth Commission. Ideas were: to include information on Channel 15, get on school announcements, press releases, doing a marketing campaign within each school, including an article in school newsletters and school newspaper.

The group discussed who should take the lead on this and perhaps should let the youth tackle it first and see what they can come up with and do and ask for the assistance they feel they need. Lien stated that she could talk with Darrin King about how to get on Channel 15. Another idea is to have the CORE leadership come to a school board meeting and City Council to provide information on what the group is working on.

The group discussed the transportation issue and Lien shared the summer pass that she uses for the Helping Hands program and that perhaps each program could make arrangements with Cities Area Transit and then make the passes available to those that need them that are participating in their program. It could be published with the information on the program that this option is available so people would know about the option when deciding if they were going to sign up. Haga recommended that the Cabinet also pass an action in support of this. Regimbal also suggested that if there are transportation needs for school related activities, perhaps PTO or Booster Clubs could also be contacted as they are there to provide support for youth in their schools.

Lien stated that the youth were talking about having a logo for the YORS which stands for Youth gaining Opportunities Recognition Skills”. They will talk with Eric Ripley who has students looking for projects.

Haga asked for a volunteer to present at the January 20 commission meeting. John Staley will present on behalf of the Park District.

Regimbal suggested perhaps a directory of those on the Cabinet could be compiled and given to the Commission so they would have contact information for members in case they would like information of support from someone. Initially the thought was to have them work through the communication path that we have in place – to Axvig and then to the Cabinet Member or City. It was also suggested that perhaps a directory could be put on the website.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherie Lundmark
Admin Spec Sr