Committee Minutes

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - - 11:30 a.m. - - A101

Youth Commission (schools represented):
Schroeder, South, Twining, Valley, Central, Community, Red River


Pete Haga welcomed commissioners and introduced Victor Mesa from WDAZ who was attending the meeting today to view the commission discussion and to get some feedback on the texting while driving ban. The group also welcomed a new member representing Community High School.

Administrative Items

Axvig reviewed the following administrative items with the Commissioners:

1) Highlights form – This form should be completed at the conclusion of each commission meeting and shared with the principal or advisor at the school upon return from the Commission meeting. It will let the school administration know what the Youth Commission is working on.

2) Gmail accounts – The gmail accounts have all been set up. Some commissioners reported that they weren’t able to access theirs. Axvig will work with individual students to get any problems resolved. All commissioners will use these accounts for commission related business including emailing Axvig if they will not be attending a commission meeting. She will then let the City know so that food counts can be adjusted.

Youth Risk and Protective Servey Results

Commissioners finished reviewing the presentation of results from the survey on risk behaviors that was taken in the Grand Forks schools. Following discussion, they completed a brief survey on their feelings about the results.

CORE Leadership Elections

Several students expressed interest in serving on the CORE leadership team and gave short talks about why they would be a good leader. CORE leaders elected were: Kaitlin, senior from Central, Jordy and Joe, both seniors from Red River. The CORE leaders will represent the Youth Commission at the nesxt City Council meeting and provide a brief overview of what the Commission is working on this year. CORE leaders will meet at 5:15 on Monday, November 15 in the Mayor’s Office prior to the City Council meeting.

Texting While Driving Follow-up Discussion

The group discussed various ideas that had been suggested at the YORS meetings at each school including: posting information around the school, discussing the dangers of TWD and the new law with their friends and families, potential for a billboard but would need to determine a funding source (maybe a fundraiser), contacting the local media to see about a public service commercial on the topic, putting together a skit that could be done in each elementary and maybe middle school to bring the message to youth even before they start driving (similar to IMI4U2C) and perhaps having this added into the life skills and health class curriculum. CORE leadership will meet and discuss the various ideas and report back at the next meeting. Part of the process will also need to include providing information to School administrators to get the necessary permissions.

100 Best Communities for Young People Celebration

The group discussed various ideas for a celebration including: dip-n-dance, relay for life type event, winter celebration. Most seemed to like a winter type event, maybe in Lincoln Drive Park, ice skating, hot chocolate, live radio remote, maybe in conjunction with Christmas in the Park or Greenway Ski Days. If with Christmas in the Park, then we could have a large lighted display to highlight the award.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherie Lundmark
Admin Spec Sr

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Sherie Lundmark
Admin Spec Sr.