Committee Minutes

Youth Commission Notes
Wednesday, October 24, 2012
GF City Hall, Room A101
Norm Dutot welcomed members and guests.

Introductions –
o South – Trevor Weiland, Rebecca Rage, Prem Thakker, Mason Benefield
o Red River – Mandy Egeland, Heidi Jansen and Brynn Bohan
o GFC – Natasha Stadstad, Poli Lai, Grace Roehl and Cayla Vondal
o Twining –Rex Stancliff and Cassidy Baugh
o GF Youth Center – M.F. Anthony
o GFAFB YC – Jake Lindquist
o GFPS – Scott Conrad

Youth Protective Risk Factor Survey
o Mary will report at next meeting

Think Twice Update – Week of October 22 – 26, 2012:
o Red River – Daily trivia on morning announcements, pledges done on Wednesday, October 24, wear orange on Friday, videos played.
o Central – Display set up in lunch room, Thursday and Friday pledges will be done.
o South – Announcements, video, Wednesday - orange day, Thursday - sign banner, Friday – discussion.

“Youth Can” Ideas -
o Community service project
o Think Twice be ongoing project
o Campaign to highlight the positives of Grand Forks youth
o Campaign to encourage people in the community to “Think Twice”
o Community service ideas: shovel snow for the elderly, plant flowers, community wide program such as “Starving Children”, rake leaves
o Community wide event ideas: service project, fun family night
o Other activities: go to elementary schools and present “Think Twice”, youth activities in the city, youth activities at First Night, put on some kind of activity at nursing homes

Group Consensus –
o First Night - Volunteer to help Artwise earlier in evening, 10:00 pm – midnight provide music opportunities for high school students such as battle of bands, open mike, talent show
o Display for Christmas in the Park
o Festival of Trees

o Put link on the school webpage to the YC page attached to the City of Grand Forks webpage
o Upload video to channel 15 (school channel) and channel 2 (City of Grand Forks channel)
o Add activities photos to the webpage

o Use “Youth Can” as a tag line on all activities
o Create a long-term use general Youth Commission banner that includes 100 Best Communities for Youth, GFYC and YORS