Committee Minutes

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 - - 11:30 a.m. - - A101

Youth Commission (schools represented):
South, Twining, Valley, Community, Red River

100 Best Communities for Young People Celebration Event Recap

Members discussed how the event went. Overall consensus was a good event, if done in the future have more structured activities and a larger space. No one has followed up with dismantling the exhibit that was up for Christmas in the Park. Pete Haga will check to see if the exhibit is still there and if anything is reusable, if so, then it will be stored for potential reuse another year. Thank you cards were signed and will be mailed by the City to those that donated or assisted with the event. A picture of those volunteers that were there that day will be included in each thank you.

Pete stated that some funds are still available and asked for ideas for other uses. The group discussed putting a thank you ad in the GF Herald, but consensus favored checking into getting in the pre-movie loop that plays at River Cinema. It was suggested that may be a good venue to promote other youth activities in the future. Pete will check into the cost and may ask for some volunteers to assist with preparing the ad if we go with the River Cinema idea.

Lakota Youth Commission Follow-up Discussion

The group discussed dates for a potential meeting. Consensus was to suggest Sunday, February 27 as a first choice and Wednesday, February 9 as a second choice. Pete will make contact with the Lakota Mayor and get information back to the group on how we will proceed. Consensus was that the meeting should be in a less formal setting and include some icebreakers for getting to know the other students before moving into discussion of the topics. Potential topics to include on the agenda were Bullying and Texting While Driving, possibly including the Central DECA group presentation and maybe the Red River safe driving video that a class made.

Feed the Children Follow-up Discussion

Consensus of the group was that they would like to participate in a volunteer role, as fundraising is harder to gain permission for within the schools. Some schools may still be able to donate some funds, as they have ongoing projects that do not have designated recipients at this time. The packing dates for this volunteer opportunity are April 1, 2, and 3 at the City Public Works Facility. Goal would be to work to getting a set number of volunteers to come from each school – maybe 20, potentially checking into a bus for transporting Twining youth that want to participate, having a challenge for volunteers between the schools. Staff will ask a representative to come to the next meeting with some more detailed information on the event.

Texting While Driving Awareness Action Plans

Schools shared what they have been doing within their schools. Pete challenged the youth to do 2-3 things within their school by the end of the year, and to bring reports of those activities back to future commission meetings.

Marketing GFYC in the Schools and Community

Mary Lien reported that she will be bringing some youth with her to the legislature later this month to talk about the Youth Commission and YORS and their achievements. Other ideas were to get a slot on a talk radio show to discuss Youth Commission or maybe the Dullum files, highlight their accomplishments on River Cinema ad. Youth will continue to brainstorm ideas within their schools and bring them back to future meetings. Within their schools they should continue to work on their “Bug and a Wish” boxes if they have them and their information boards.

Community Project Brainstorming

Exercise opportunities for Youth in the Community – this has been a topic in the past. Youth seemed to feel that there is adequate access to facilities at each of their schools or opportunities to use high school facilities so this was not a major issue at this time.

Library – Youth reported that they and their classmates do utilize the Library and were interested in learning more about the proposed improvements/construction of a new library in our community. They would like to have a representative from the Library come to a future meeting and give a presentation about the project. They would like to provide some input on what the students in their schools would like to see in the facility.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Sherie Lundmark
Admin Spec Sr.