Committee Minutes

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - - 11:30 a.m. - - City Hall room A102

Youth Commission (schools represented):
Schroeder, South, Valley, Central, Community, Red River

Others Attending:

School Faculty and Administrators, SafeKids Coalition Reps, Safer Tomorrows Reps and YORS/GFYC Leaders.


Pete welcomed those in attendance and asked that they each introduce themselves.

Pete reminded everyone to bring their Binders and Nameplates to each meeting to help with the discussion.

CORE Leadership Elections
Pete described the CORE leadership model for the new attendees and asked those who wanted to be a member of the CORE team make a presentation on their background, skills and vision for the GFYC. Commissioners Swanson, Foley and Egeland presented and asked to be CORE members. The three members were selected as the CORE leaders by unanimous consent.

GF Youth Commission Priorities

Foley led the discussion about Cyber bullying and how it was the main priority for this year’s GFYC. Presentations on the issue of Cyber bullying were made by GFPS administrators (King, Gaukler and Haaven). King talked about cyber bullying being “bullying, but a new way of bullying” and that there are tools in place to address bullying but they need to be applied to the new reality with the new technology.

A questions was asked and discussion occurred about whether cyber bullying was taking the place of traditional bullying but the reality was that cyber bullying was actually increasing traditional bullying because of how easy/anonymous it was to initiate it and several commissioners commented how text bullying was just the beginning. It was agreed the main topic is really “Digital Citizenship” because that is broad enough to cover several important issues. Commissioners talked about how to get to HS, Middle and Elementary students with information about how to be safe and how to be respectful. Discussion also focused on how to educate parents on how to be aware of what their children are doing online but also how to build the parent-child bond in order to mitigate risks (of cyber bullying but also issues like alcohol and substance abuse, etc.).

There was also discussion about whether there should be different messages to different youth groups. Commissioners and guests also discussed a variety of ways to get information out including: Public Service Announcements (on Channels 15 and 3 and on the web/YouTube); brochures; speaking at all-school assemblies; classes for adults/parents; Commissioners being a part of seminars and classes put on by the school system; etc.

The commissioners agreed to get to action steps and agreed to talk at the next YORS meetings on Message, Audiences, Key Messages to each Audience; and Strategies to Communicate these and then to bring the recommendations back to the next GFYC meeting.

SafeKids Grant

Patty from Safe Kids reported they have secured a grant to implement an awareness campaign requesting no cell phone use/distracted driving around elementary schools and that a key part of the grant is that the campaign is in part middle school age children developing the campaign. This pilot project includes only one school, Ben Franklin, but could expand if successful. The GFYC members agreed to assist and it was agreed to bring to the next YORS meeting of the South Middle School.

Safer Tomorrows Advisory Role & Other Roles

Mary Lien introduced the two new staff members for the Safer Tomorrows Project of which the GF Youth Commission is an advisory body. The two new members will be working specifically with the prevention programs to be implemented in the schools so they will be seeking input and assistance from the Youth Commission members.


Meeting adjourned at 1:00.

Pete Haga

Future Youth Commission meetings: January 18, February 15, March 21, April 18, May 16