Committee Minutes

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 - - 11:30 a.m. - - A101

Youth Commission (schools represented):
Schroeder, South, Twining, Valley, Central, Red River

Old Business
a. Feed the Children – Schroeder is donating the funds raised in their penny war to Feed the Children
Central has volunteers interested in helping. There are very few volunteer slots left, but some may open up as people cancel closer to the date. The website needs to be monitored to check for openings.

b. Joint Meeting with Lakota Youth Commission – The group discussed potential dates in April for a meeting. Preferred date would be Sunday, April 10 from 2-4. Topics for discussion will include texting while driving, bullying, ways to spread the word about youth commissions and how to encourage their devleopment and communication between commissions in other cities, and some teambuilding exercises. Students will discuss these and other potential ideas at their YORS meetings. Pete Haga will work with Lakota on details for the meeting.

c. Texting While Driving – Students discussed that there are activities and posters targeting this topic already happening at several schools and may not be a need to step in at this time as it could get to be too much for students and be counterproductive. The group discussed the possibility of a group from the Youth Commission visiting a class or defensive driving in the summer to show support for the TWD law. Katelyn will contact the Principal Bohan at Community to explore any opportunity for presenting at Drivers Education.

New Business

a. New American Activity April 14 – Mrs. Axvig explained that volunteers are needed to help staff an activity for new Americans on the evening of April 14 at South Middle School. This is a welcome event and will include a program and some snacks. Volunteers would assist with a variety of things including greeting attendees and serving snacks. There will be more information on times available at the YORS meetings.

b. Posters – Mary Lien has funds available to print some posters that can be used to promote YORS and YC within the schools. She needs those interested to turn in their designs as soon as possible, as there is a deadline by which the funds have to be spent. Pete challenged the students interested to complete their designs and turn them in at the YORS meeting. Designs submitted will be displayed at the next YC meeting.

c. Youth Hangout Idea – Natasha reported that since 414 is no longer available, students have been lacking a place to gather and work on homework, hangout, listen to bands, etc. There is an individual that is working on creating a teen space underneath the Crosstown Lounge that would be open to teens. It would provide a place for local bands to play and have other activities. The plan is to staff it with all volunteers labor and adult supervision would be on site. They are currently looking for partnerships in the community to help make this positive nonalcoholic opportunity a reality in our community. The group was in favor of having someone come and talk to the group about this project.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.