Bid Awards

DescriptionBid Opening Date
Paving S. 15th St. & 36th Ave. South04/21/2014
2014 CDBG Sidewalks04/21/2014
Watermain for Shadyridge Court04/21/2014
2014 Street Lighting04/07/2014
Upgrade LS #4104/07/2014
Paving North 55th St. (Gateway Dr to 17th Ave. N)03/17/2014
Storm Sewer & Paving/Street Lighting on 47th Ave S (Washington - SED)03/17/2014
2014 City Sidewalks & Bikepath on 24th Ave S03/17/2014
Upgrade LS #29 & PS #19403/05/2014
2014 ADA Curb Ramps03/03/2014
2014 Berm Restoration03/03/2014
Watermain on 55th St. (Gateway - 17th Ave North)03/03/2014
2014 Watermain Replacement03/03/2014
1550 South 48th St. Re-roofing02/25/2014
2014 Concrete Street Repairs02/18/2014
2014 Asphalt Street Repairs02/18/2014
Alerus Center CIP - BP 7 - Energy Upgrades02/18/2014
Alerus Center CIP BP 6 - Video Board Replacement02/04/2014
2014 Water Meter Bid Tab02/04/2014
2014 Sanitary Sewer, Watermain & Storm Sewer Repairs 02/03/2014
2014 Flood Fight Assistance02/03/2014
Columbia Road Overpass Repairs02/03/2014
Reconstruction of Alerus Center Entrance @ 11th Ave. South01/21/2014
Landfill Cell "A" Leachate Sump Extension01/06/2014

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