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Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - 5:30 P.M.
Council Chambers

Persons with disabilities who may need assistance should contact the ADA Coordinator at least 24 hours prior to this meeting at 746-2665.

Members: Bjerke, chair____ Grandstrand___ Vein___ Gershman (ex-officio) ___

1. Application for transfer of Class 4 (Food & Beverage Establishment) license from Grand Forks Spaceship Enterprises (Space Aliens), 3350 32nd Ave.S., to Rice Empire dba Sakura Steakhouse.

1.1 Application for transfer of Class 1 (General On & Off Sale Alcoholic Beverage) license from Dounle SM Inc dba Rumors, 1802 S Washington St to Sin City, LLC dba Rumors
(This item will be added to the agenda at the meeting.)

2. Budget amendment for Fire Department.

3. Workforce Safety and Insurance Grant (ERGO Phase II) for Fire Department for leather turnout boots.

4. Project update for Project No. 7026 – Interstate Access Request for I-29 and 47th Avenue South Interchange. (Information Only)

5. Matter of changing the City standard street lighting to LED. (Information Only)

6. Documented CatEx for Project No. 7078 – Shared Use Path on South 42nd Street from 17th Avenue South to 24th Avenue South.

7. Policy change for classified street funding.

8. Construction Engineering Services Agreement for Project Nos. 6418 and 6757, Federal Project Nos. SU-6-986(094)098 and SU-6-986(109)113 – Traffic Signals at 42nd Street/11th Ave.S. at Washington St./40th Ave.S.

9. Design Engineering Services Agreement for Project No. 6996 – Traffic Signal Foundation Replacement at 24th Avenue S. and Columbia Road.

10. Consideration of engineering agreement for Project 7163 - 7MG Reservoir Pump Station Improvement.

11. Bids for Project No. 7064, Public Works Department Landfill Cell A Leachate Sump Extension.

12. Amendment No. 2 for consulting services agreement for Project No. 7139, 2013-14 Public Works Facility Central Garage and Electrical Division renewal.

13. Amendment No. 1 to consulting services agreement for Project No. 7135 – Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Facility Permit Renewal Application.

14. Multi Hazard Mitigation Plan.