City Building Energy Audits

Green3 Grand Forks

Debra Pflughoeft
Sustainability Coordinator
(701) 792-2878
The Grand Forks City Council approved an in depth Energy Audit of about a dozen City buildings. This was championed by the Green 3 Resource Committee and made possible by hard work by many city departments and the positive action of the City Council.

In a nutshell, these audits are expected to demonstrate how the city can potentially save more than $200,000/year on energy. They will allow the city to perform necessary building maintenance and equipment upgrades and pay for them with the energy cost savings. These savings (and therefore the payments on energy efficient upgrades) will all be guaranteed by the company we are contracting with. A pretty good deal for taxpayers.

As you know, these actions are in addition the incorporation of the Hybrid buses in our transit system, the implementation of the Mayor's Green Business Showcase, and the development of the ND NICE energy efficiency conference you heard about earlier, as well as a number of other steps.

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