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Private Energy Audit Options
1) Home Energy Science Comprehensive Energy Audit: Home Energy Science is a GFEA Participating Energy Auditor and provides a comprehensive home energy audit that analyzes total energy usage, identifies major energy usage areas, reveals opportunities for energy savings, and ranks remedial work according to cost-effectiveness. The Home Energy Science comprehensive energy audit assesses utility costs, building envelope components (foundation, insulation, windows & doors, and air leakage), mechanical systems (heating/cooling/ductwork and water heating), lighting and major appliances, and ventilation. Performance testing and diagnostics, such as a blower door and duct leakage tests are used as appropriate. A computerized analysis of the home's energy performance results in a report detailing potential energy-related savings that can be achieved through home improvements. The audit is performed by a local, independent, certified energy professional. Available to all Grand Forks City and County residents. Cost: $400.

Contact: Henry Borysewicz
Ph: 701-330-6680
Email: henry@HomeEnergyScience.com
Website: www.HomeEnergyScience.com

Xcel Energy - Energy Audit Options
You must be an Xcel Energy natural gas customer to qualify for an Xcel Energy Audit.
1) Standard Xcel Energy Audit: A professional auditor will look at more than 25 areas in the home, analyze energy use and leave the homeowner with a prioritized list of improvements. Key inspections include: central air conditioner and furnace efficiency, attic and wall insulation, water heater and pipes, household appliances, and furnace safety test including draft and carbon monoxide testing. Blower door testing is NOT included in this option. Cost: $30.

2) Standard + Xcel Energy Audit: The same as the Standard Xcel Energy Audit but it includes blower door testing. Cost: $60.

3) Infrared Xcel Energy Audit: Includes all items in the Standard Xcel Energy Audit, blower door testing, AND evaluation of the home using an infrared camera to pinpoint areas in the home that have the greatest energy loss. Cost: $100.

Contact: Xcel Energy*
Ph: 1-800-895-4999

NOTE: Homeowners may be eligible for Energy Audit rebates if energy efficiency upgrades are made by a Participating Homeowner. For more information, contact the Grand Forks Energy Alliance at 701-792-2878 or GrandForksEnergy@gmail.com.

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