Legislative Bills

Bill #Title
1020Appropriation for defraying the expenses of the state water commission
1025Liability and immunity during disaster responses.
1044Residential property tax credit
1046Property Tax Exemption authority
1048Traffic Fees
1096State Aid Formula Change
1142Distributions from the public transportation fund
1145Use of insurance premium tax collections for firefighting
1165North Dakota immunization information system
1166Business or investment income tax exemption for the purchase, lease, or rehabilitation of property within a renaissance zone
1182Income Tax Suspension
1188Regulation of tanning facilities
1198Income Tax Credit
1199Referral of a city, county, or school district property tax levy
1202Use of wide area network services
1213Property Tax Exemption - Housing Authority
1220Direct payment of a property tax relief royalty to property owners
1220Direct payment of a property tax relief royalty to property owners
1221Income tax credit for renters of residential property
1222Sales and use tax exemption for clothing
1223Refundable individual income tax credit
1226Notice of increased property assessment
1235Prohibition of Community Land Trusts
1239Limitation of increases in property assessments for property tax purposes
1240Sales tax exemption for charitable nonprofit organizations
1242Property tax statement inclusion of information to identify the dollar amount of property tax relief provided through legislative appropriation
1253Reimbursement of costs incurred in complying with smoking restrictions in public places and places of employment.
1255Publishing of all payments and obligations within city, county, and school district governing body minutes and proceedings
1256Requiring political subdivisions to submit budget information for inclusion in the state budget database website