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Across the country, health department officials are considering the capabilities of their departments to respond to a biological or chemical terrorism incident. Traditionally, the responsibilities of health departments have been disease surveillance and management. Health departments are now defining their roles to respond effectively to an intentional release of biological organisms or hazardous chemicals into an unsuspecting population.

In 2001, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) directed congressionally-appropriated funds in the form of Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response grants to state health departments in order to:

Integrate terrorism response efforts into state’s overall emergency preparedness and response frameworks.
  • Develop realistic terrorism response plans that are consistent with resources, capabilities and needs.
  • Identify the capabilities necessary to meet the key elements of a public health preparedness program.
  • Build communication links with other assets in the healthcare community, e.g., hospitals, emergency departments, and first response organizations, to assess local capacities and coordinate responses.
  • Assist local health departments in terrorism response efforts.
  • Understand and access federal assets available during a biological or chemical terrorism release.
For more information, please visit the ND Department of Health Emergency Preparedness and Response website at http://www.health.state.nd.us/epr/

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