Planning and Zoning Commission

1. Zoning Commission
  1. There is hereby created a planning and zoning commission, per North Dakota Century Code Sections 40-47-06 and 40-48-03, for the City of Grand Forks which shall consist of fifteen (15) members to recommend the boundaries of the various original districts and appropriate regulations to be enforced therein.

2. Membership
  1. Ten (10) members to be appointed by the mayor with the approval of the city council, which shall include two (2) council members, one (1) park board member, one (1) school board member and six (6) at large members.
  2. Three (3) persons residing outside the corporate limits of the city whose residence is located in the unincorporated territory located within four (4) miles of the corporate limits of the City of Grand Forks, said three (3) members to be appointed by the Grand Forks County Board of County Commissioners.

3. Terms
  1. Members appointed by the mayor shall serve a term of five (5) years. Upon the death, resignation, or incapacity of a member, the appointing authority shall appoint a replacement to complete the unexpired term.
  2. Ex-officio members shall serve for the term of their elective or appointive office.
  3. The three (3) members appointed by the Grand Forks County Board of County Commissioners shall serve for the terms provided by Section 40-48-03 of the North Dakota Century Code.
  4. All members of the planning and zoning commission shall serve without compensation.
  5. All members, with the exception of the ex officio members, shall be subject to removal from the planning and zoning commission if absent three (3) consecutive meetings.

4. Members

Doug Christensen (City Council)
Term Expires: February 2013

Gary Malm (At Large)
Term Expires: February 2013

Bill Hutchison (At Large)
Term Expires: October 2013

Paula Lee (At Large) - President
Term Expires: September 2015

Frank W. Matejcek (County)
Term Expires: September 2013

Dana Sande (City Council) - Secretary
Term Expires: August 2015

Steven Adams (At Large)
Term Expires: February 2016

Jim Galloway (At Large)
Term Expires: November 2013

Jim Bollman (Park)
Term Expires: November 2013

Laura M. Jelinek
Term Expires: September 2015

Mike St. Onge (School)
Term Expires: September 2013

Steven Wasvick (County)
Term Expires: March 2016

Michael Brown, Mayor
Al Grasser, City Engineer

Planning Department

City of Grand Forks
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