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Columbia Road Reconstruction

Columbia Road from Demers Ave. to 11th Ave. S. is going through a complete reconstruction during the summer of 2013 and will be closed for most of the summer. Please refer to the "Columbia Road Reconstruction" map for detour information.

Below you will find the latest information for this project. Video updates will be made on a regular basis throughout the project. So please refer back to this site for future updates.

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Project Update 8-8-13 (Video)
Project Update 6-18-13 (Video)
Project Update 5-22-13 (Video)
Project Started (Video)

News Releases:
8-8-13 - Columbia Road Update
4-29-13 - Columbia Road Reconstruction Update

All lanes of traffic are now open on Columbia Road. Crews still have some work to do in the area but the work will not result in any closures.

32nd Ave. S. Construction

The North Dakota Department of Transportation will start construction on 32nd Ave. S. on Monday, May 20, 2013. The traffic control will go into place on Sunday, May 19, 2013. The project will result in lane closures along 32nd Ave. S. but the road will remain open.

The entire project will be from I-29 to S. Washington St. with 32nd Ave. S. broken into 3 sections (see the map below). Crews will be working in one section at a time starting with Section 1 (I-29 to S. 31st. St.).

Please refer back to this website for regular updates on the 32nd Ave. S. project as crews from the City of Grand Forks will be in regular communication with the NDDoT.

Update 9-11-13
Baring any breakdowns
  • Concrete repairs, asphalt paving and temporary pavement markings were complete and traffic control came down Saturday morning (8-24-13).
  • September 9, 2013 Grinding of non asphalt intersections has resumed. Night work 9:00pm – 6:00am.
  • Sealing of the joints in the concrete has begun on the sections that have been ground. This will be completed a few days after the grinding is complete.
  • Permanent pavement marking installation is underway on the asphalt sections and the sections of concrete that have been ground. This will be complete after all the concrete joints have been sealed with completion about the middle of next week.
  • Electric work is underway upgrading /installing fiber optic cable from the Interstate to Washington.
  • All road construction should be done by September 20, 2013 and electric work the following week.

7-23-13 - 32nd Ave. S. Update

News Releases:
5-17-13 - 32nd Ave. S. Construction Update

32nd Ave. S. Construction Map

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For a complete map of summer construction projects in Grand Forks CLICK HERE.

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