Finance and Administrative Services

The Department of Finance and Administrative Services oversees the preparation of the City's annual budget, administers the budget during the year, manages the City's investments, arranges the issuance of bonds, maintains City assessment records, administers the City's casualty and liability insurance coverage, prepares the City's annual financial report, assists in the preparation of the six year capital improvement plan, and provides general financial management services. This department is also responsible for various licensing and permits for the City and interpreting, recording and reporting minutes of council meetings and maintaining various City records for reference.

For information on the City's Budget: Call (701) 746-2620

For information on Special Assessments: Call (701) 746-2620

For information on Taxes: Call (701) 746-2620

For information on paying your Utility Bill by credit card, click here.

For information on Dog and Cat Licenses: Call (701) 746-2620

Blank Applications - Liquor License, Raffle Permits, Restaurant License

Finance Reports Available on-line
08/07/20082007 Schedule of Federal Awards
10/12/20112010 CAFR Section I - Introductory Section
10/12/20112010 CAFR Section II - Basic Financial Statements
10/12/20112010 CAFR Section II - Financial Section
10/12/20112010 CAFR Section II - Fund Statements & Schedules
10/12/20112010 CAFR Section II - Notes to the Financial Statements
10/12/20112010 CAFR Section III - Statistical Section
07/23/20122011 Audit Report
07/23/20122011 CAFR
01/03/20122012 Budget Book
07/17/20132012 CAFR
12/14/20122013 Budget Book
01/03/20142014 Budget Book
07/17/2013Independent Auditor's Reporting Requirements
05/10/2007Stable Credit Outlook

To contact the Finance Department:

Phone: (701) 746-2620
FAX: (701) 787-3740

City Hall
255 N 4th St.
P.O. Box 5200
Grand Forks, ND 58206-5200

email the Finance Department

City of Grand Forks
255 N 4th Street * Grand Forks, ND 58203 * Phone (701) 746-INFO