Grand Forks Parking

The City of Grand Forks realizes that it is not always easy to find a place to park, especially in high congestion areas such as the University of North Dakota and downtown. Even though it may be difficult to sometimes find a place to park, it does not make motorists exempt from the parking regulations within the city. This web page is part of a collaborative effort between the City of Grand Forks, University of North Dakota and Safe Kids Grand Forks to inform residents of what parking regulations exist within the city.

Street Maintenance:

The City of Grand Forks does street maintenance on all streets in town. Each street in town is scheduled for maintenance 1 day a week. Maintenance is performed year round. If a vehicle parked on the street interferes with scheduled maintenance, it is subject to a $20 ticket.

Here is the street maintenance schedule for the City of Grand Forks

South of the Burlington Northern Tracks
Monday - streets that run North & South
Tuesday - streets that run East & West

North of the Burlington Northern Tracks
Wednesday - streets that run North & South
Thursday - streets that run East & West

ALL streets south of 32nd Ave. S. & east of S. Washington
ALL streets west of Columbia Rd. & south of DeMers Ave.

Street Sweeping

Snow Removal

Stay Informed

& Stay Safe

The City of Grand Forks is working with SAFE KIDS Grand Forks to bring awareness to motorists about safety around intersections, especially those around schools.

This Awareness & Safety campaign is being used to inform motorists in order to keep them safe.


Back to School PSA

On-Street Parking Downtown:

Anyone looking to park on the street in downtown Grand Forks should be advised that on Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm there is a time limit one can have their car parked on the street. The time limit varies depending on which street you are parked on. The time limits are clearly marked in the downtown area.


When parking close to an intersection in a residential area, remember that you have to leave about 1 car length between your car and the crosswalk. If there is no crosswalk, leave 1 1/2 car lengths between your care and the intersection. This helps to keep sightlines open so drivers can see people trying to cross the street and other cars approaching the intersection.

University of North Dakota:

Parking on campus or around the University of North Dakota can sometimes be difficult. Remember that if you are parking on residential streets around the university, you have to follow all city parking regulations.

If you are parking on campus, here is a map of all on campus parking lots.


City of Grand Forks
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