Legislative Priorities

Priority Positions - Draft

A. Property Tax Relief
Support continued property tax relief through increased state responsibility for funding K-12 education, implement mechanism for comparable tax relief for renters and rely on local elected officials to exercise their authority to responsibly use property taxes as a necessary funding mechanism for expected local programs and services.

B. Water Treatment Plant Funding
Support allocation in the State Water Commission budget of $5 M to begin the work on the regional water treatment facility to be located in Grand Forks and further support a statewide water infrastructure plan, with appropriate funding levels.

C. Transportation Funding
Support transportation and state aid distribution fund at increased levels and carefully review the impact of any formula changes. Further, support as a priority the funding of oil-impact areas’ infrastructure needs, while recognizing the concern about a decrease in federal funding and urging that the state will offset some of that lost funding throughout the state.

D. Public Safety
Support the ongoing efforts to provide adequate resources to first responders (Police/Fire/PSAP/Health) in order to maintain a viable local and regional public safety response capability.

E. Housing & Job Creation
Support state investments in housing and infrastructure, to be leveraged with local and private investment, including programs and funding that allow local subdivisions to address housing needs, prudently plan for growth, mitigate risk to any one entity and support assistance for child care. Further, the city supports the development of revolving loans through the Bank of ND and eventually as a function of the Legacy Fund.

F. Base Realignment Impact
Support funding of economic development/job creation efforts to minimize negative effect of Air Force Base realignment and related economic impact.

G. University-Related Support
Support the positions that mutually benefit the City of Grand Forks and University of North Dakota in areas such as economic development/research, Research ND, tuition levels and infrastructure funding including the Medical School and Law School

H. Home Rule Authority
Support the local citizens’ decision to adopt Home Rule Authority and to utilize that authority to best govern locally.

I. Additional Tax & Finance Issues
Support local control of property tax exemptions on state land and in business incubators.

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