Legislative Procedures

It is the intent of this webpage to clearly outline the goal and procedures of the City of Grand Forks as they pertain to proceedings of the 2013 North Dakota State Legislature.

Purpose of Legislative Procedures:
  • To best achieve the City's primary goals set for the 2013 Legislative Session: 1) Represent and work for the most beneficial impact to Grand Forks residents, and 2) Provide the appropriate resources to area legislators to assist them thoughout the session.
  • Clearly communicate the process through which the City will be engaged in the 2013 North Dakota Legislative Session.
  • Clearly communicate background information and the impact of pending legislation to the legislators of local districts who represent a shared constituency of this community.
  • Help coordinate efforts with other entities including but not limited to UND, The Chamber, Grand Forks School System, Grand Forks County, Grand Forks Park District.
  • Provide a well-understood mechanism by which the city can respond to inquiries, requests for information and necessity of comment in an effective and timely manner.
  • Promote the positions and policies that will enable the City to best provide the services and functions that most responsibly serve our citizens.

Legislative Committee:
  • Composed of City administrative staff and City Council representative as designated by Council
  • Role is to review and discuss proposed legislation and to provide information on the impact to the city and citizens.
  • Will communicate impact to the City Council, legislators, legislative committees, and the citizens of the Grand Forks community.
  • Will meet regularly at 2:00 p.m. each Friday and otherwise as needed.
  • Will participate in weekly statewide telephone conferences with other municipal officials and staff, facilitated by the North Dakota League of Cities.
  • Recommend when information and testimony should be provided to assist with the consideration of legislation and promote positions favorable to the people of Grand Forks.
  • Provide a mechanism for city representatives to request an endorsement of position on legislation.
  • Staffed by the Community/Government Relations Officer to prepare reports and follow through with direction and recommendations of the Committee, Administration and Council.


The Legislative Committee will report to the City Council its discussions and proposed actions by the Monday following the Friday meeting. This process will ensure there is a mechanism to keep Council Members and citizens apprised as to the current legislative discussions and any proposed testimony.
  • A written report of the discussion and recommendations from each Friday‚Äôs regular meeting will be posted to the City web site and e-mailed to the local legislators.
  • The Community/Government Relations Officer will provide a report publicly to the City Council of any pertinent actions, recommendations or situations to be aware of.
  • The committee will work to make sure the citizens of Grand Forks have access to information about the issues and legislation under consideration at the legislative session that may have an impact.
  • The committee will set up ways, including joint public forums, to coordinate communication with other community entities.

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