ND Legislative Efforts

The City of Grand Forks ensures that it works with the North Dakota State Legislature, local legislators, the Governor's Office and other State agencies and local entities to provide the best representations for the citizens of Grand Forks on how proposed legislation would affect them and the City as an organization.


Legislative Bills The City of Grand Forks is Tracking

Bill #Title
1020Appropriation for defraying the expenses of the state water commission
1025Liability and immunity during disaster responses.
1044Residential property tax credit
1046Property Tax Exemption authority
1048Traffic Fees
1096State Aid Formula Change
1142Distributions from the public transportation fund
1145Use of insurance premium tax collections for firefighting
1165North Dakota immunization information system
1166Business or investment income tax exemption for the purchase, lease, or rehabilitation of property within a renaissance zone
1182Income Tax Suspension
1188Regulation of tanning facilities
1198Income Tax Credit
1199Referral of a city, county, or school district property tax levy
1202Use of wide area network services
1213Property Tax Exemption - Housing Authority
1220Direct payment of a property tax relief royalty to property owners
1220Direct payment of a property tax relief royalty to property owners
1221Income tax credit for renters of residential property
1222Sales and use tax exemption for clothing
1223Refundable individual income tax credit
1226Notice of increased property assessment
1235Prohibition of Community Land Trusts
1239Limitation of increases in property assessments for property tax purposes
1240Sales tax exemption for charitable nonprofit organizations
1242Property tax statement inclusion of information to identify the dollar amount of property tax relief provided through legislative appropriation
1253Reimbursement of costs incurred in complying with smoking restrictions in public places and places of employment.
1255Publishing of all payments and obligations within city, county, and school district governing body minutes and proceedings
1256Requiring political subdivisions to submit budget information for inclusion in the state budget database website
1273Property Tax Relief
1276Medication administration in primary or secondary schools
1277Corporate and individual income tax rate reductions
1290Property tax levy dollar increase limitations
1292Smoking in public places and places of employment
1311Property Tax Relief
1315Designation of a portion of the oil and gas impact grant fund for cultural grants to cities and counties
1317Student loan paydown program for early childhood education and care providers
1319Public School Funding (Property Tax Relief)
1320Harassment offenses through electronic communications
1329Car Seat Requirements
1362Expansion of the medical assistance program
1373Limitations on the use of unmanned aircraft for surveillance
1387Increase in the tobacco products tax rate for cigarettes
1391Qualifications of city council members
1394Reduction in the rate of state sales, use, and motor vehicle excise taxes
1422Appropriation to the department of human services for a child care stabilization initiative
1429Appropriation for early childhood education grants.
1440Exclusion of cities from water districts and state water commission policies on funds for water districts.
1452ND PERS (Public Employee Retirement System)
1460Membership of the state building code advisory committee
1465Property Tax Levies
2003University System Budget
2004State department of health budget
2006Defraying the expenses of the North Dakota aeronautics commission
2012Transportation Funding
2018Defraying the expenses of the department of commerce
2024Expenses of the comprehensive tobacco control advisory committee
2030Regional public health network
2031Tribal health districts
2036Property tax relief through allocation of state funding to school districts for mill levy reduction
2037Property tax relief through allocation of state funding to school districts for mill levy reduction
2059Relating to increased employer and employee contributions under the highway patrolmen's retirement plan and public employees retirement system.
2062Job protections of emergency responders
2085Smoking on early childhood services premises
2101Challenges of property tax assessments and notice to property owners of assessment increases
2119Cooperative purchasing and public transportation
2124Legacy Fund
2129State building code and accessibility standards
2137City Sales Tax used by School Districts
2156Reduction in Income Tax
2171Homestead property tax credit
2229Appropriation for early childhood education grants
2233Infrastructure Revolving Loan Fund
2249Notification of a traffic offense
2252Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation
2261Creation of a prepaid wireless emergency 911 fee
2262Fees for 911 services
2277Sales and use tax exemption for clothing
2290Property tax relief through a residential property tax reduction, renter's income tax credit, or agricultural property tax credit
2300Exceptions to flood plain management actions or construction
2307Regulation of septic system installers and septic systems
2314Determination of whether a project is a primary sector or retail sector business before a city or county may grant a property tax exemption
2333University of North Dakota for the school of medicine and health sciences facility project
2336Oil extraction tax rates and exemptions
2338Property tax exemption for property owned by institutions of public charity
2339Financing of housing projects through the public finance authority
2353Statewide integrated radio communication
2358Reduction in the rate of state sales, use, and motor vehicle excise taxes
2362Property tax relief credit
3020Process for planning transportation projects, including placing an interchange on an interstate
4030Debt limit for political subdivisions

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