North Dakota NICE (National Innovations in Climate and Energy) is a multi-city series of activities focused on energy efficiency. The objective is to promote building energy efficiency and general sustainability in each community visited by bringing together people from all community sectors that are interested in and can benefit from energy efficiency programs.

In each city, there will be a “Doing Our Part” community activity and a ND NICE activity.

Upcoming 2012 ND NICE Tour
ND NICE will build on the success of the multi-city events held in 2011. Once again events will be held in multiple communities and events will include a variety of activities to allow all community members to participate. The activities are expected to include workshops or seminars, tours or hands-on activities, and information exhibits. ND NICE 2012 will address one or more topics related to renewable energy or energy efficiency such as 1) small renewable energy systems; 2) energy efficiency for small businesses; or 3) sustainable neighborhoods.

If you have a particular topic that you would like to see addressed or if you would like to host a ND NICE event in your community contact us at NDNICEevents@gmail.com.

2012 ND NICE Tour
Valley City - June 20, 2012
Devils Lake - June 26, 2012
Minot - June 27, 2012

A lunch seminar will initiate the ND NICE workshop component of the day. Local and regional speakers will present information on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. ND NICE is open to the public. Lunch will be served and an open discussion period will follow the presentations.

See specific community schedules for more information.

City of Grand Forks
255 N 4th Street * Grand Forks, ND 58203 * Phone (701) 746-INFO