Applying for a Building Permit

First: Do you need a permit? Basically, if you are pounding a nail or doing anything similar, yes.

While we hope to provide a general look at how to get a building permit, how much it's going to cost and other questions, every building/reconstruction/new project is different and questions can best be answered by calling the Building Inspection Department at (701)746-2631.

Where to apply: Building Inspection Department, City Hall, 255 North 4th St., Room 225.

When to apply: During normal business hours, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday

What you need: New construction and commercial projects need building plans. All permits require a projected cost and the name of the contractor. Permit fees are based on projected cost - residential or commercial.

Other things to consider: Zoning, Lot Size, Sewer and Water Services, Flood Plain, Access Permits, Development Permit Area, Development Cost Charges, Agricultural Land Reserve, Occupancy Permits. Call (701) 746-2660 for more information.
Permit FAQs
Rental Property Regulations
City Code Fee List
Residential Fees
Commercial Fees
Fire Code Permits
Mechanical Permit Fees
Commercial Building Guide
Residential Building Guide

Zoning: You should check with the Planning and Zoning Department to see if building use is compatible with existing zoning. If not, will re-zoning be possible. You can contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (701) 746-2660.

Flood Plain: If the property is in the floodplain, many other restrictions could be applicable. If you have any questions about whether the property is in the floodplain, contact the Building Inspections Department at (701) 746-2631. Additional concerns include extra insurance.

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