Property Valuations

The City Assessor's office is responsible for valuing each parcel of real estate, which is taxable, within the city of Grand Forks. This involves making an appraisal of each property whether it is a new property or an existing one.

Existing properties are re-appraised on a somewhat rotating basis. Once an appraisal is made, it is used as the basis for real estate taxes for that year.

Whenever property sells, the sales price is compared to the assessor's appraised value to determine how close the assessor's values compare to sales and how equitable various types of property is being valued. Based on the State Board of Equalization, local assessments are to test at 100% of sales indicators (on an overall basis.)

Whenever local assessments are outside the State Board tolerance of 95% to 100%, the local assessor is to increase or decrease valuations, so they are at least within that tolerance.
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